This issue looks at the legitimacy of Israel, Iranian mischief, not-so surprising revelations about our President, and more.
Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel?map India Pakistan
Consider these facts about the creation of Israel and Pakistan. reports: Whenever I have received a call from a listener to my radio show challenging Israel’s legitimacy, I have asked these people if they ever called a radio show to challenge any other country’s legitimacy. In particular, I ask, have they ever questioned the legitimacy of Pakistan? Read more.

News from The Israel Project
A Marshall Islands-flagged container ship, the M/V Maersk Tigris, was fired upon and intercepted by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy in the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday. The Pentagon stated that the IRGC Navy boarded the ship after firing warning shots across its bridge. The ship is now being monitored by maritime patrol aircraft and the U.S. Navy has dispatched the destroyer USS Farragut.

Israeli air forceAir force chief can ‘get job done’ if order comes to hit Iran reports: The use of Israeli military force against Iran’s nuclear facilities would be an act of “last resort,” Israel’s air force commander said Thursday, but part of his role is to ensure that the air force has “the genuine capacity to get the job done” if ordered to do so. Read more.

The Jewish Voice on Campus (Must Watch)


Hillary Just Declared Jihad on ChristianityBill and Hillary reports: Forget radical Islam, Hillary just declared war on Christians and may have just replaced ISIS as the biggest threat we face today… “Laws have to be changed,” she proclaimed… to put all of you pesky Christians in your place… and she appears to be up to the task… Read more.

Iran Forces Seize U.S. Cargo Ship with 34 People On Board reports: Iran’s Farsnews confirms the Arabiya report, stating that “a US cargo ship with 34 crew was stopped and seized by Iranian Navy warships on Tuesday. The Iranian Navy has confiscated the American trade vessel with all its 34 crew for trespassing on Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.” Read more.

Steny HoyerDemocrat Congressman Argues God Says You Can Marry Your Dog If It Makes You Happy reports: The latest disruption was made on the House floor by Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer who argued that that same-sex couples are endowed by “their Creator — by God” with the right to marry. Once again, a Democrat has brought God into the debate when for decades Democrats have argued that religion and politics do not mix and there’s a separation between church and state. Apparently these prohibitions only apply to arguments made by conservative Christians. Read more.

Revealed: Obama’s Plan to Transform the CountryAmnesty passports
Conservative daily reports: For years, we’ve known that the President’s amnesty agenda was nothing but an attempt to pad voter rolls with Democrat voters. Until now, we never had the proof. The Department of Homeland Security is calling it the “Task Force on New Americans.” The goal? Get 9 million resident aliens their American citizenship in time to vote by the 2016 election. This is nothing but a liberal attempt to desperately hold onto power for as long as possible.

malik obamaBombshell Interview – Obama Brother says Barack is “Dishonest” and a “Schemer”! reports: Joel Gilbert, the man who produced the film Dreams from My Real Father, which suggested that Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, may be his real father, has just released a bombshell interview with Obama’s brother Malik. Read more.

China Steps Up Persecution of Christians

courtesy of

courtesy of reports: Chinese Christians last year suffered the harshest persecution in more than a decade in the communist government’s “response to the growth of Christianity in China,” according to a report from the Christian human rights group China Aid. The report documented 572 cases of persecution in 2014, involving 17,884 individuals, a 300 percent increase from 2013. Of those persecution victims, at least 1,592 were church leaders, China Aid found.

gay marriage ceremonyChristians Get Ready for Civil Disobedience over Gay Marriage Ruling reports: That the movement to make homosexual “marriage” a right is really about putting Christianity “in its place” is no secret. So it’s probably long overdue that pastors, ministers, and other Christian leaders finally take a stand against the federal government’s rush to overthrow the definition of marriage as between a man and woman going back to Adam and Eve. Read more.

Jade Helm is Real – Texas on Guard as State Militia on Alert

Volcanic Lightning in Chile (Preview of Coming Attractions?)

Officials: FBI probes possible ISIS-inspired threat