This issue looks at new concerns in the Middle East, more mosques in the Americas, new Jade Helm revelations, Obama’s Internet takeover, and more.

Israel’s military edge at risk as Obama ‘scrambles’ to placate Arab fears on Iran deal reports: The Obama administration is said to be “scrambling” to find ways toObama saudi king reassure Arab allies that it is not abandoning them, despite the imminent nuclear deal with Iran. To that end, it is considering a range of options such as weapons sales that might reduce Israel’s hitherto sacrosanct military edge, the New York Times reported Friday, including selling the F-35 fighter jet to the United Arab Emirates. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Iranian terrorist proxy Hezbollah, reaffirmed his commitment to the Bashar al-Assad regime on Tuesday, saying that if Assad falls, so too does Hezbollah.

gun granadeHezbollah’s Child Soldiers
Supporters explain how teens become Hezbollah fighters and why they might want to

UN Agency Condemns Israel Over Jewish Religious Sites reports: In yet another anti-Israel move at the United Nations, a U.N. agency has slammed Israel for claiming sites whose religious significance for Jews goes back thousands of years. The commission sided with Palestinian claims to a site in Hebron and a site in Bethlehem, CNS News reported. Hebron and Bethlehem fall within the area claimed by Palestinians for a future state. A resolution adopted by the UNESCO board maintained that the sites “are an integral part of Palestine.” Read more.

Kerry to Israelis: Stop the ‘Hysteria’ over Iran Dealkerry iran reports: Maybe when liberals stop their hysteria about destroying Israel we can talk. Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on Israeli television over the weekend, telling seven-million-plus Israelis that critics of the emerging Iran deal were guilty of “hysteria.” Read more.



Dar al-Hijrah Mosque at Falls Church, Va.

Dar al-Hijrah Mosque at Falls Church, Va.

Sectarian Strife Hits the Americas reports: Islamic cultural centers are popping up throughout North America, from the United States to Latin America. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran have been accused of spreading their influence within their region, but a far greater campaign seems under way. In the last few years, while the Obama administration has been trying to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, Shiite cultural centers have doubled in Latin America. Read more.


PROOF The Military is Transitioning From Drills (Operation Jade Helm) to MARTIAL LAWJade Helm helicopters reports: In direct violation of THE POSSE COMITATUS ACT, which I cover in detail in my post titled, US ARMY HAS ADS ON THE INTERNET SEEKING INTERNMENT CAMP/RESETTLEMENT CAMP SPECIALISTS, “Operation Jade Helm” is an 8 week exercise being conducted by the United States military and the Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW). PRE-OBAMA, Posse Comitatus has stood in this country as LAW for over 137 YEARS essentially FORBIDDING the use of the U.S. military to police it’s own citizens. “Hope & Change” took care of that! Read more.

Muslim refugees

Questions about Barack Obama Colonizing America with Muslims (Must Read) reports: Obama wants to bring terrorist attackers to America. Check it out:
Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., has received a response to his letter demanding answers from Secretary of State John Kerry about the planned resettlement of dozens of foreign refugees in his state. But the answers failed to shed much light on the secrecy that surrounds the refugee program. The process by which cities and towns across the U.S. are selected to receive displaced persons from United Nations refugee camps remains largely a mystery. Read more.

Obama Admin to Colonize Idaho with Thousands of Muslim Refugees from Syria

“[The] Vote By The FCC To Regulate The Internet… Is Further Proof That The Obama Administration Will Stop At Nothing In Their Efforts To Control The Internet.” -Rep. Marsha BlackburnObama Internet
The implementation of Barack Obama’s takeover of the Internet is only days away, and as Marsha Blackburn says, if Congress does not take action to stop this takeover, Barack Obama and his leftist minions will “control the Internet” in a little over the month.

Glenn Beck: The Left’s Diabolical Plan to Close Down America’s Churches reports: Beck warns us that “persecution is coming” and if the left succeeds with this plan, half of America’s churches will close their doors in the near and foreseeable future… (Newsmax) Beck, who has long railed against government involvement in marriage, predicted that an affirmative decision from the court would force churches to shut down – or see their memberships plunge because people will stop attending due to the pressure to marry gays and lesbians.

church burningViolent Muslims in Niger Burn 69 Christian Churches, Kill Ten Christians and Injure Hundreds More! You Won’t Believe How the Christians Respond reports: Just three months ago, over the course of just a few hours a mob of hundreds of Muslim radicals destroyed almost 70 churches, killed ten people and injured hundreds more. Today, the Christians living in the area are trying to move on, preaching the Gospel and forgiving those who’ve done them such great harm. Read more.

Government Presses Charges Against Church for Pro-Life Signs!



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