This issue looks at the devastation by ISIS, more Iranian foot draging, insights into Jade Helm, election manipulation, and more.


‘Birthplace of civilization’ faces final ruin by jihadists

A file picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows a partial view of the ancient oasis city of Palmyra. (AFP/JOSEPH EID)

A file picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows a partial view of the ancient oasis city of Palmyra. (AFP/JOSEPH EID) reports: Destruction of Palmyra, once fortified by Solomon, would be ‘enormous loss to humanity,’ UNESCO chief warns as Islamic State overruns town. Read more.

Life Becomes Unbearable for Jews, Swedish Edition snow sweeden reports: Targeted for humiliation, prohibited from observing her religion in freedom, Annika Hernroth-Rothstein tried to draw attention to the plight of Sweden’s small Orthodox Jewish community-and that’s when the trouble really began. Read more.

A death penalty for Morsi that Egypt won’t rush to carry outMohammed Morsi reports: Cairo knows that implementing the harshest punishment for the Muslim Brotherhood’s ex-president could backfire. Read more.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem ‘only ever the capital of the Jewish people’ reports: At Jerusalem Day event, PM vows city ‘won’t be divided again’; Rivlin urges action to close economic gaps between Jews, Arabs. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
U.S. officials may have deliberately looked the other way as Iran illegally violated the international sanctions regime by purchasing aviation materials, including entire planes, according to reports out of Jerusalem conveyed on Tuesday by among others Reuters.

Iran centrifugesOn Wednesday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated Iran’s refusal to grant the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of military sites and interviews with nuclear scientists, undermining the verification regime of any potential deal on Iran’s nuclear program. In the latest blow to a verifiable deal, on Wednesday afternoon French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned that Iran is seeking 24 days advance notice prior to inspections, in the event of a suspected violation of a deal on its nuclear program.

I Met Messiah (A powerful testimony of how a Jew came to Christ)


A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill

Russian and American Troops at Fort Carson

Russian and American Troops at Fort Carson reports: A relatively new and obscure document, U.S. Army Special Operations Command “ARSOF Operating Concept” is the blueprint for Jade Helm. This document does not boldly use phrases such as “extracting political dissidents”, but it does use “legal language” to basically communicate the same messages that many in the Independent Media have been telling the public about for 6 weeks, namely, that ARSOF is going to be used to extract political dissidents and then enforce martial law. Read more.

VIDEO of Jade Helm 15 Style Military Ops on I-95 in South Carolina reports:  Video of a military convoy in South Carolina was taken today which caused concern for residents driving on interstate I-95. The mainstream media has focused on smearing for covering a leaked military document  that describes states like Texas as a “hostile” or “insurgent pocket” territory. Watch Video.

UN trucksUN Has Invaded 190 American Cities with Covert and Unscreened Islamic Jihadists reports: Presently, there is a tsunami of unscreened Muslims into 190+ American communities from war-torn areas filled with the victims of American imperialism who believe that the only good American is a dead American. The most striking aspect of this silent invasion is that the Federal government has admitted under oath that they have no idea who these people are and what their intentions consist of. Read more.

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris Drops a BOMBSHELL about Obama’s Secret Plan for the 2016 Election! reports: Obama isn’t running for office again, which means he can use the last years of his presidency to act like a tyrant and spread our Constitution even more thin. That’s why Obama has been busy bending the rules in favor of Democrats for the 2016 election, thanks to a quiet 3-part plan made to rush new immigration and naturalization. Read more.

You ‘Must be Made’ to Obey reports: While actions speak louder than words, words often predict future actions. Secular progressives’ words and actions rarely align. This is because the pseudo-utopian, wholly dystopian perch from which they view the world is so detached from reality that, from a cultural and public policy standpoint, they must disguise their intended actions in flowery and euphemistic language, or face near universal rejection. Read more.

Smoking Gun! Obama Administration was Secretly Running Guns to Syria through Benghazi!smoking gun reports: Well the truth about Benghazi is finally starting to see the light. As we have theorized in several articles, the Obama administration was involved in an international Fast and Furious by trafficking arms through Benghazi into Syria. Today that theory has been confirmed. Read more.

SC logoSOUTH CAROLINA Democrats Oppose Legislation That Would Ban Islamic Sharia Law from State Courts reports: The Republican-sponsored anti-sharia legislation which would ensure that Islamic and other foreign laws are kept out of consideration by South Carolina courts is being stonewalled by Democrat panderers who seek to appease Muslim supremacists pushing hard to get sharia law recognized by American courts. Read more.


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