An open door doesn’t always mean you should walk through it.
Most of us have at one time or another gauged the will of God by whether He was “opening doors” for us. It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing every “closed door” as a sign that we’re headed in the wrong direction. When this happens, we question whether we had actually heard from God. We retreat and try to figure out where we went wrong.

There are times when this is a proper response, but we should be more careful in jumping to such a conclusion. We may be exactly where God wants us. Just because things are getting rough doesn’t mean we’ve strayed from God and His plan. Many times, the more tuned in we are to His will, the rougher things will get.

Too often, we’re looking for our “marching orders” when God is simply seeking a closer relationship with us – a relationship through which He will accomplish His purposes. He knows what will draw us closer, and it usually involves some pain and a lot of questioning. We are drawn closer to God and He will be glorified.

Moses & PharoahConsider what happened to Moses when he encountered Pharaoh. He was constantly questioning God’s directions. Every time he did just as God had commanded, everything went wrong, but Moses stayed with it. He returned to the Lord for further clarification. The process continued. The more Moses followed God’s directions, the more obstinate Pharaoh became. It was only after God’s purpose was realized that Moses understood what God had been doing. God had brought deliverance in such a way that the Egyptians as well as theMoses Red Sea nearby nations knew that it was the God of Israel Who had performed such a miracle. The stubbornness of Pharaoh was not an indication that God was closing doors for Moses. It was God’s way of displaying an even greater work than Moses could have imagined.

keyWe should learn from this not to misinterpret what seems to be a closed door. Maybe God is redirecting us, but maybe he is inviting us to knock on the door, to look for the key, or to break it down. The only way we’ll know what to do is to stay in close touch with God, praying for His continued direction, while focusing on the bigger picture-what He is trying to do “in us” or how He may be setting the stage for Him to received greater glory than we could have imagined.


If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.