How has America produced so many homegrown terrorists?

For many Americans it’s inconceivable that anyone who has grown up and gone to school here inUniv of Cal sign America would become part of a plot to destroy our great nation. We wonder how this could happen. That is, until we do some digging. Part of the problem is what is being taught and promoted on our college campuses. For example, In February of 2015 the University of California Student Association board, which represents all 233,000 students enrolled in the UC system’s 10 campuses, approved a resolution calling on the system’s leaders to financially divest from the United States. The resolution is based on claims that the US criminal justice system is racist and that the US is guilty of human rights violations via drone strikes.

This is disgusting, but we have an even worse problem. Keep digging deeper and you will discoveramerican_mosque1 another reason why, despite all the time they spent here, so many people have never truly pledged their allegiance to the United States of America. Why not? By far, the single most important reason is the presence of radical mosques sprinkled across our landscape. Estimates place the number of American mosques at just over 2000, 80% of which have been radicalized to a frightening degree. Most of our homegrown terrorists have either spent considerable time in one of these mosques or have been influenced by one of their representatives.

Our government knows full well that these mosques are

Dar al-Hijrah Mosque at Falls Church, Va.

Dar al-Hijrah Mosque at Falls Church, Va.

breeding grounds for terrorists. FBI reports and eyewitness accounts have made it clear that a large number of these mosques are teaching their congregations how to wage jihad against the infidels (us) and impose Shariah Law first on all Muslims and then on all Americans. Too many Americans fail to understand that it is impossible to strictly follow Shariah Law and still swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution. In fact, Islam and democracy are incompatible. Yet, we allow Shariah to be advanced on a daily basis in hundreds of mosques across America.

So, what does it mean to be radicalized? Consider these startling results of a recent survey of 100 mosques:

*     51 had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30  had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and only 19 had no violent texts at all.
*    In 85 of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.
*    Mosques which are Shariah adherent were more likely to feature violent texts than their non-Shariah-adherent counterparts. Leadership at Shariah-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshiper study violent texts than leadership at non-Shariah-adherent mosques.


There are several reasons why our government has taken no action against these mosques (as well as theterrorist rage two dozen terrorist training camps) while they breed and nurture terrorists right under our noses. Here are some of the likely possibilities:

1.    Fear of the backlash from both Muslims and misinformed Americans.
2.    Fear of appearing to violate the First Amendment.
3.    Fear of having their actions declared unconstitutional by a liberal court.
4.    Fear that they will be accused of planting evidence.
5.    The Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups have succeeded in convincing too many politicians that the intentions of all Muslim leaders are peaceful, and taking unwarranted action will only foster Islamophobia.
6.    The Obama administration and the Justice Department refuse to allow action to be taken.

house of prayer bannerWhatever the reason(s), we are in deep trouble. I don’t think it’s too late to change course, but we’re rapidly approaching the point of no return. What is needed is strong and decisive pro-American leadership. To make matters worse, if many of our leaders are misinformed or are purposely misleading the nation (both of which I believe are true), then drastic action will be necessary to change course. Just what action is required is up for debate. What is for certain is that we must elect and support men and women who understand the problem and have the courage to face it head on. We must also educate as many people as we can reach with the truth. Please don’t think that your puny little effort won’t matter much. Social media have changed everything, but we have to find ways to reach those who just don’t get it. Continuing to preach to the choir isn’t going to accomplish anything.
Of course, the best thing we can do is pray:

1.    That we will come to know God’s will in this matter, and
2.    That we will join Him in what He is already doing to dispense truth and bring glory to His name.


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