The singularity of Allah eliminates and prohibits love.


As we see Islam being demonstrated and spread around the world, one thing is clearly missing—love. It is, indeed, a foreign concept in Islam. There are several reasons for this. The most obvious is that everything about Islam points to the mastermind behind it all—Satan. He is a corrupter, not an innovator. He starts with some manifestation of truth that he especially despises and then twists and distorts it to the point that it bears little resemblance to its original form. Just enough truth remains, however, to lure in weak and unsuspecting victims.

The greatest of all deceiversIslam is a perfect example. It takes the basic teaching of Judaism and Christianity and twists them until the end product is antithetical to nearly every command of God. This applies also to the fictitious god of Islam—Allah. Where the God of the Bible identifies Himself with truth, love, forgiveness, and holiness, the greatest attribute of Allah, according to the Qur’an, is that of deception. He is called the greatest of all deceivers (sura 3:54). Since love and deception clearly cannot coexist, love has no place the world of Allah.


At a recent conference on Islam, I learned of another reason for the absence of love in Islam. To Muslims, Allah’s singularity is extremely important. They see Allah all by himself, sharing his glory with no one. There is no Trinity in Islam. Allah is all by himself, and this is seen as a good thing.


Consider the consequences of this. If Allah actually existed, he would never have an opportunity to experience love the way the Christian Father, Son and Holy Spirit lived and continue to live in oneness. It was their love for one another that was shared with us here on earth. The only love Allah could experience is self love, and this would be the only kind of love he could share with his followers. This partially explains the actions of so many Muslims who commit horrendous atrocities to please their god.trinity

This understanding gave me a whole new view of the Trinity. The three members of what we call the Godhead were necessary for biblical love to exist. It shines new light on the need for followers of Jesus Christ to be united, worshipping and praising God together. Love cannot exist in solitude, for it must be expressed and demonstrated to one another.

That they may all be oneThis revelation gives new meaning to Jesus’ prayer and John 17 that we be one as He and the Father are one. When two or more become one, the bond of love holds them together. When one remains as one (Allah), loveless isolation is the result, and the consequences, as we see daily in the news, are deadly.




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