How can we explain the attraction to radical Islam?
It’s hard for most of us to imagine why anyone in the West would willingly give up his or her freedoms toflag us Islam become a Muslim. It’s harder yet to imagine why anyone who had experienced everything the land of the free and the home of the brave had to offer and joins the likes of ISIS. At the top of the list would be a young woman who grew up in the West enjoying all the freedoms offered to women, and yet chooses to become a Muslim. How is this possible? Well, consider this scenario:

Muslim woman PAIDShe sees a mysterious and good looking Middle-Eastern man who offers to love her  and take care of her and protect her. Perhaps he appears to be everything her father or previous boyfriend wasn’t. The need for love is so strong that her heart overrules her head. She believes his comforting and reassuring words and falls prey to his charming personality. By the time she realizes that what he is offering comes at the price of complete subjugation to him, it’s too late.

On the flip side, consider what has happened to men in the West. The past few decades have seen the gradual but steady feminization of boys and men. Boys are scolded for doing what boys do, like make toy guns out of anything they can find. These days, boys are suspended from school for chewing their pb & j sandwich into the shape of a gun. Boys like to blow things up and to push the limits, but too often, they’ve been told to work on their sensitive side and stop their offensive and violent behavior.

Their older counterparts have been likewise taught to emphasize their “feminine” side. These days, menBruce Jenner aren’t real men unless they sport an earring (or 2), indulge in a waxing session now and then, polish their nails, etc. etc. We have perverted God’s design to the degree that men are trying to become women (and vice versa). When Bruce Jenner is referred to as a true hero for doing so, we’re in deep trouble as a society. Then there’s the issue of how men are portrayed on TV. Every year there are more sitcoms presenting men and dads as incompetent morons.

muslim terroristsThis brings us to the reason Islam is attracting so many boys, men, and women. In Islam, men are seen as men. Any man who is not all man will be suspected of homosexuality. Muslim men appear to be strong, confident, and in charge. Boys want that and are attracted to it. (They can have all the guns they want.) Women are attracted to strong men. Islam offers to fulfill an inner longing that the West has nearly abandoned.

We should pay attention to the kind of movies most people want to see. Films like American Sniper doAmerican Sniper exceptionally well. We are inspired by depictions of bravery, courage, and inner as well as outer strength. We are attracted to strong, confident leaders. Despite her trust issues and lack of transparency, Hillary Clinton is still popular with a lot of people because they see her as a strong leader.

My point is that Islam has taken advantage of the feminization of men in the West without lifting a finger. Despite all the evidence contradicting its lies, Islam attracts followers with its image of “real men.” Unfortunately, our nation seems content to stay the course to the destruction of the American male and offering an open door to Islam.



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