This edition gives additional reasons why American supporters of the Ground Zero Mosque are guilty of treason. 


Now Mayor Bloomberg is calling mosque opponents shameful and has equated foreign funding of the Mosque to church goers putting an offering in the collection plate. Finally, people are starting to look at what has happened at other mosques to get a taste of what might happen at Ground Zero. The Dar al-Hijra mosque/cultural center constructed in 1991 offers such a case study. This northern Virginia center serves Muslims in the metropolitan Washington D.C. As Andrew McCarthy (prosecutor of the first World Trade Center bombers) wrote in National Review Online:
Not so coincidentally, that [1991] is the same year American leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood wrote an internal memorandum to their global headquarters in Egypt, explaining that they saw their work in the United States as a “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Echoing imam Abdul-Malik [the mosque”s Director of Outreach], the Brotherhood said its tactic would be “sabotage.” The memorandum elaborates that every city should have an “axis”

and “perimeter” from which this jihad-by-sabotage strategy is headquartered. That axis, it adds, will be known as “the Islamic Center.” Islamic centers – just like the one at Dar al-Hijra, just like the one planned for Ground Zero – are to become “the “base” for our generic levitra australia rise,” the memo says. They are to be the focal point of education, preparation, and the “supply [of] our battalions.” Battalions are small cells of fighters. In Muslim Brotherhood ideology (i.e., Islamist ideology) it is assumed that, at a certain mature point, when Muslim forces are strong enough, violent jihad will be effective, so Islamists prepare for it.

I have obtained a copy of the “memo.” Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, clearly spells out the strategy to bring America to its knees.-dawa (jihad disguised and “sanitized”). Trust me, dawa is the furthest thing from assimilation and toleration you could imagine. The memorandum also predicted that the Islamic “centers” would grow to become networking hubs between Islamic groups to help them organize their jihad. This is exactly what is happening at Dar al-Hijra. Read more about mosques.


The memo says (indirectly) that the Ground Zero mosque will follow the same pattern. How much more evidence do we need? Consider the titles of Imam Rauf”s book. It was released for Muslim audiences overseas as A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post 9-11. In America it was called What”s Right with Islam is What”s Right with America.
We need to remember that deception is at the heart of Islam. One of the Allah”s titles is “The Greatest of all Deceivers.” Muslims are commanded to conceal their true intentions and beliefs. Research the terms Kitman and Taqiyya and see for yourself.
Muslims are permitted to lie if doing so will keep them from evil or result in prosperity. Then there”s Hudna, a false truce meant to produce a period of calm with an enemy in order to gain concessions, regroup, rearm, and re-attack at the appropriate time. This was one of Yasser Arafat”s favorite tactics.
 Forget about all the claims of building bridges. All the rhetoric is part of the strategy of Dawa. These are further reasons why Americans who support the Ground Zero Mosque are, in my mind, guilty of treason. 


What do you call Santa”s helpers?  Subordinate Clauses

Why is negotiating with Muslim leaders a bad idea? Listen to an interview I did with TruNews not long ago.

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