This issue looks at Israel’s most unique spy, more fallout from the Iran deal, the revealing ISIS document recently uncovered, and more.

Hamas naval commandos arrest dolphin who ‘spied for Israel’dolphin spy reports: Hamas announced on Wednesday that underwater “frogmen” commandos operating just off the coast of the Gaza Strip managed to stop a dolphin that it claims was spying for Israel. Officials in the Palestinian Islamist organization say that the dolphin was equipped with a surveillance device. Read more.

340 US rabbis sign letter urging Congress to support Iran deal reports: “As rabbis, we support the agreement,” the letter begins. Signed by 340 rabbis from “all streams of Judaism,” many of them identified with progressive causes, the letter was publicized Monday by the left-wing Zionist group Ameinu, which says it promotes “a progressive Israel and a just America.” Read more.

Russia, Iran close deal on delivery of advanced anti-aircraft weaponsmissile S-300 Russian reports: Russia has agreed to deliver an advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, several months after repealing an embargo on the country while the terms of an international nuclear agreement and sanctions regime were still being negotiated. Iran will receive the S-300 long range surface-to-air missile systems by the end of this year, according to the agreement, a move sure to ruffle feathers in Jerusalem as it would greatly encumber any potential military strike on Tehran’s nuclear facilities. Read more.

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European governments are already showing a willingness to lift sanctions against Iran and invest in the country, before the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has even been implemented. On Thursday, the Swiss government announced that it was lifting some sanctions. It stated that the sanctions lifting “can be seen as a sign of the support for the implementation of the nuclear agreement and its interest in deepening bilateral relations with Iran.”iran deal dissidents

In an op-ed in the The Daily Beast on Friday, more than 50 Iranian dissidents warned against the deal with Iran, which they believe will enrich “tyrants and theocrats” and relieve pressure on the regime.


ISIS ‘Mein Kampf’ Found in Pakistan, Details the End of the Westisis text found reports: American Media Institute (AMI) discovered a 32-page ISIS document in a remote tribal region of Pakistan. Written in the Urdu language, the text refers to President Obama as the “Mule of the Jews” and details a 6-phase plan to destroy the West. The unknown author of the mysterious document foresees an “end of the world” conflict as the final solution, argues for a caliphate (religious empire) ruled by a single Islamic leader, and lays the blame for the rise of jihadi organizations on Israel. Read more.

ISIS Obtains American Military Personal Records – Likely Through Hillary’s Emails reports: The Blaze interviewed a person on “kik” (an app on smartphones to text message friends) who claimed to be with the Islamic State Hacking Division stated “Just like they spy on the Muslims, we are spying on them, watching their employees, watching their soldiers, recording their movements and taking their location and passing it on to the soldiers of the Islamic State”. The anonymous individual also added that “you will see when US military and government personal start getting beheaded in their own homes”. The recent hack by the Islamic State may have indeed breached the unsecure servers of Hillary Clinton’s private emails. Read more.

Pope Francis: An Apocalyptic Figure?pope francis waving
Jan Markell reports: I am cautious about “pinning the tail” on the Antichrist and the False Prophet.  We cannot know ahead of time who these personalities are; however, Pope Francis comes close to “filling the bill” on the False Prophet. Or he may be but a “type” of that man just like there are many “types” of the Antichrist throughout history. Read more.

Months Ago, Colorado Town Resisted Allowing EPA Tests that Caused Toxic Disasterriver toxic reports: Five months before the Animas River toxic spill disaster, leaders from the tiny Colorado mining town of Silverton pleaded with EPA officials to not perform tests that would declare the area a Superfund site. Yet the Environmental Protection Agency was intent on ferreting out “widespread soil contamination” from historic mines, even though the town was tested five years ago and no problems were found. Read more.

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Islamic State Spreads to Europe’s Doorstep reports: The Islamic State has successfully founded a new capital in North Africa, spreading its influence outside Iraq and Syria and within sight of Europe. The coastal city of Sirte, just a few hundred miles from Italy, has now become the main hub for the Islamic State’s Libya wing. Read more.

Slovakian Government Refuses to Cave to UN Demands to Take in Muslims-Says They

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Will Only Take in Persecuted Christians

Birthright Citizenship Stands on Extremely Weak Legal Ground-Read Why

New BSA Guidelines Unsustainable for Churches

Christian schools falling in line after Supreme Court decision

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