This issue looks at Muslim cruelty and some bold moves against it, Russian aggression in the Arctic, and more.

Obama to US Jews: Iran deal lifts existential threat to IsraelNuclear blast - Copy reports: In live broadcast, president says ‘deal blocks every pathway that Iran might take’ to nukes; expects ‘sacrosanct’ US-Israel ties will improve. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
One hundred and ninety former senior U.S. military officers released a letter on Wednesday addressed to both the Senate and the House of Representatives, arguing that the final deal poses a threat to U.S. national security and fails to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons.

A photo released by the IDF shows a Hamas tunnel discovered by soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade in the Northern Gaza Strip on July 18, 2014. (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson/Flash90)

A recently released propaganda video by Hamas unveils the Islamist terrorist group’s newly rebuilt tunnel infrastructure and showcases its extensive investments in military training and weapons, Ynet reported.

Syrian leader Bashar Assad declared in an interview on Wednesday that the nuclear deal with Iran will strengthen his regime.

Jerusalem Suffering Wave of Arab Violence


Obama’s Focus in Oil-Rich Alaska Is Climate Change-As Putin Deploys Warships

russia-arctic-ship reports: As President Obama prepares to become the first sitting president to travel north of the Arctic Circle this week, the administration’s concerns revolve largely around climate change. This contrasts with the more overtly geostrategic approach to the contested region being pursued by Russia, which this year carried out large-scale military maneuvers in the region involving Northern Fleet vessels and aircraft. Read more.

Pakistani Christians Told to Convert to Receive Flood AidPakistan Flooding reports: Christians left homeless due to devastating flooding in Pakistan were told by Muslim charities: convert to Islam or become bonded servants. Read more.

cowboysTexas Counties Just Made a BOLD MOVE, and Mexico Is FURIOUS! reports: The refusal of some Texas counties to issue birth certificates for children born to undocumented parents could threaten the state’s relationship with Mexico, the Mexican government warns. Read more.

Pray for Family of Christian Leader Killed by Militants
Voice of the Martyrs reports: Masked gunmen burst into Christian leader Yousuf Bhat’s home late on a Wednesday evening and shot him to death. Read more and leave a prayer for his family.

Slovakian Government Refuses to Cave to UN’s Demands to Take in Muslims-Says They Will Only Take in Persecuted Christians reports:  The Slovakian government will now be accepting Christians who are persecuted by Muslims. The UN is telling Slovakia that they must, as well, take in Muslims, but Slovakia is firmly responding: ‘We will only take Christians!’ Read more.

Christians in Iraq and Syria “Feeling A Lot Like the Jews Felt Before the Nazi Holocaust,” It’s Time Get Them Outrefugees christian reports: Advocate voices are speaking out about the lack of action on the part of the US government to assist Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria who are desperately fleeing the terror of ISIS there. (Photo via Read more.

How Google Can Rig Everything in Washington, D.C. – and Around the World reports: Google has the ability to drive millions of votes to a candidate with no one the wiser. America’s next president could be eased into office not just by TV ads or speeches, but by Google’s secret decisions….Google acknowledges adjusting (its search) algorithm 600 times a year, but the process is secret….Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more-up to 80 percent in some demographic groups-with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated….Read more.

ISIS Tot Taught to Practice Killing by Beheading Teddy Bearisis child beheads reports: The indoctrination of children has emerged as a primary goal of the Islamic State. Brainwashing children at a very young age to the ideology of the extremist group is the most effective way to assure its continuation and fill its rank and file in the next decade. Read more.

This is the first country to BAN Islam, Mosques Demolished…Check What HappenedISLAM SILOUETTE 1 reports: The African nation of Angola has reportedly become the first country to ban Islam and Muslims, reports On Islam. Concerning the ban, Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos said Sunday:” This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.” Read more.

Muslim Madmen Burn Four Prisoners Alive

ISIS burns alive reports: The four men are led into the desert where ISIS had erected a support to hold them chained into place. The men were then bound hand and foot and dangled over the ground. The ISIS monsters then ran a trail of fuel from several yards away which pooled just below where the men were hanging. The ISIS monsters then lit the fuel, forcing the four men to watch in horror as the fire crept slowly closer and eventually consumed them. Read more.

No Mosques Here! – Does Europe Know Something That We do not?

A Brief but Telling Appraisal of Hillary as a Young Staff Attorney

Hacker Threatens To Sell Entire Unreleased Hillary Clinton Private Emails For $500K

University tells staff and students to stop using “he” and “she”

50 North Korean Submarines Vanish From Western Radar: Could They Be Armed With Nukes?

Census: Anchor Baby Delivered Every 93 Seconds

Look at the Domestic Terrorist Who is the Inspiration for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

President el-Sisi of Egypt Closes 27,000 Mosques to Fight Terrorism

Obama Admin Allowing 12,000 Soldiers To Get Sex Operations