This issue examines the refugee crisis, Muslims finding Christ, Gazans fleeing to Israel, the Kim Davis saga, and more.


Gazans Risking Death to Reach Israelgaza fence
Israel Today magazine reports: “Palestinians raised in the Gaza Strip are taught to believe Israel is a blood-thirsty monster that desires nothing more than their destruction. Apparently, many aren’t buying the lies, as the number of Gazans risking it all to seek asylum in the Jewish state is growing.” (Israel Today, September 3, 2015) Every day, Palestinians are crossing the border, and telling of impossible living conditions under the Hamas regime. At first, IDF soldiers guarding the border feared the rising number of infiltrators was a new wave of terrorist activity. But interrogations revealed that most of those crossing the fence are fleeing in fear of Hamas, willing even to risk imprisonment in Israel, where at least they’ll receive three meals a day. The IDF interrogations revealed that the refugees are even willing to risk going to prison – or being killed by security forces mistaking them for terrorists – due to widespread hunger and fear of Hamas.

 Revival in Middle East Might Take Down Islam
muslim revivalIND Weekly reports: In the darkest corners of the Middle East there’s a revival beginning that’s unprecedented in the history of world missions. Unbelievable developments in the expansion of Christianity are taking place in the Middle East. Reliable reports suggest more Muslims have become followers of Jesus over the last two decades than in Islam’s combined 1,500 year history. Based on the accounts of several missiology experts, it is surmised that “more Muslims have committed to follow Christ in the last 10 years than in the last 15 centuries of Islam.” In spite of great difficulty and turmoil, Christianity is unquestionably expanding throughout the Islamic world. God is up to something amazing in a region that many have thought was unreachable. Read more.

PM: Israel not indifferent, but ‘too small’ to take in refugees
Timesofisrael reports: Netanyahu says Jewish state must protect itself from influx of ‘illegal immigrants and perpetrators of terrorism.’ Read more.


Hungary Protects Christian Culture with a Wire Fence – ‘The horror! ‘hungary fence reports: “The problem is not a European problem, the problem is a German problem,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as he attacked Europe’s asylum quotas as an “invitation” to migrants. Orbán insisted that keeping the tide of Muslims out is the only way to protect Europe’s Christian culture. Read more.

Over 4000 Islamic Extremists Have Been Smuggled Into Europe (Must Read) reports: According to Buzzfeed, an Islamic State operative has confirmed the infiltration of more than 4000 covert Islamic gunmen into Europe.  Much of this occurred through the sparsely guarded 565 mile border with Turkey.  Apparently local smugglers were used to traverse the border, after which the trained terrorists take advantage European Union good will, presenting themselves as asylum seekers. Read more.

kimdavisKim Davis- The Untold Story (The Real Gay Agenda) reports: If you actually bother to read what the radical gay movement writes for those inside the movement, you will see what is coming. The shocker here is that so-called “gay marriage” is not the final goal, but rather, a stepping stone to something that is far more diabolical and sinister…Read more.

Here’s What Obama Did While Pro-Gay Judge Sent Kim Davis to Jailjudge bunning reports: While Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who is following the Kentucky Constitution that prohibits same-sex marriage, was sent to jail by pro-homosexual U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning (enthusiastically supported by Mitch McConnell), President Obama was making up new laws and forcing us to pay for men wanting to become women and women wanting to become men. Read more.

 Judge Who Jailed Kim Davis Also Ordered Opposition to Sodomites to be Re-Educated

isis Al-Khansa FemaleBrigadeMystery Assassins Target ISIS’ Brutal Women’s Brigade reports: Six members of the Islamic State’s all female al-Khansa brigade were killed by an unknown armed group. The ¬Khansa brigade is feared for its brutality. In Raqqa the brigade was reported to be using a device called ‘the biter’ to savage the breasts of women caught breastfeeding publicly or insufficiently veiled. Read more.

russian warship GeorgiaNavy Spotted Russian WAR SHIP Near Georgia NUCLEAR SUBMARINE BASE! reports: Not long ago, Chinese ships were spotted in the Atlantic Ocean near America. Now, a Russian ship has been spotted off our East Coast. What is Vladimir Putin up to? Could this be a sign that Russia senses Obama’s weakness, especially after the pathetic approval of the dangerous Iran nuclear arms deal? This ship, known as “Yantar,” is Russian and is headed straight for Cuba, according to the Pentagon which is tracking it from space. This is highly irregular, as the ship is near a nuclear submarine bases. Read more.

 Congressional Democrats PAID BY IRANIAN LOBBY to support Obama Nuke Deal

 GRAPHIC: Muslim Mob Attacks Woman For Not Wearing Burqa – What They Do Next Is Even Worse…

10 Hollywood Stars Who May Be On Obama Enemies List gender-neutral-elementary-restrooms

Public Elementary School Switching to Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

US Army Just Charged Bergdahl With a WORSE Crime than Desertion!