This issue examines the latest outrageous Palestinian claims, Europe’s refugee response, another Common Core revelation, and more.
Abbas calls on UN Security Council to ‘protect’ Palestinians from IsraelAbbas 1 reports: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged the United Nations Security Council to establish a “special regime of protection,” begging for the international community to impose a two-state solution and warning that time may be running out. Speaking to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Abbas also said Ramallah would continue its state-building efforts, including joining the International Criminal Court, and rejected any bid to reach an interim peace deal with Israel. Read more.

syrian refugees germanyGerman intel: Migrants will bring anti-Semitism reports: BERLIN – Germany’s security and intelligence agencies expressed alarm over the influx of refugees and migrants who harbor radical Islamic views and hatred of Jews, according to a Sunday report in Welt am Sonntag. Read more.

grand mufti Jerusalem

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Ahmad Hussein speaks to Channel 2 on October 25, 2015. (screen capture: Channel 2)

Jerusalem Mufti: Temple Mount never housed Jewish Temple reports: The grand mufti of Jerusalem, the Muslim cleric in charge of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, said Sunday that there has never been a Jewish temple atop the Temple Mount, and that the site has been home to a mosque “since the creation of the world.” Read more.

Jerusalem Jane thrown off Temple Mount
Tom Trento reports: You gotta check out this shocking video expose’ of the Muslim Temple Mount “fake police” throwing Danish Christian Jerusalem Jane off the Temple Mount because she is accused of recently singing and praying for Israel on the Mount. Watch video.

News from The Israel Project
Palestinian musicians have been producing violent music, often accompanied by videos, exhorting listeners to carry out attacks against Jews, The New York Times reported Friday. One CD, entitled “Jerusalem is Bleeding” incites the listener to “it’an, it’an” (“stab, stab”) the Jews. Read more.

Among the hacked emails of CIA director John Brennan to be posted this week by WikiLeaks was a memo written after the 2008 election urging President-elect Barack Obama to “come to terms with” whoever was ruling Iran, Business Insider reported Wednesday. Read more.


common core brainwashingCommon Core Sneaks Political Agenda into Lesson Plan reports: Common Core critics are furious with a new study guide called “The Battle over Gun Control” which not only gives kids a slanted perspective of the topic but also hints that the Common Core has a political agenda. Read more.

Obama Demands Schools Celebrate New Holiday… Parents Everywhere Are Furiousobama smiling reports: President Barack Obama continuously shows his disdain for America and everything it stands for, and the latest example of that camed from the Department of Education. Obama’s DOE has recommended that schools dedicate a week to recognizing illegal aliens, including an “undocumented immigrant awareness day,” according to the American Thinker. The White House released a document Tuesday that outlined how schools could make undocumented students feel more welcome. These suggestions include “Undocumented Week” and “an undocumented immigrant awareness day.” Read more.

trojanhorseGun-Free Europe Citizens are Arming Themselves reports: Self-appointed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has said that ISIS could never hope to defeat the west, Europe militarily in a straight up fight. His plan all along has been to overrun the European Union and conquer it from within. His plan may be working. In their effort to show the world how Western Europe is truly enlightened and tolerant their countries’ marshmallowy, myopic, pacifist leaders are falling right into Baghdadi’s trap. Read more.

Stats on countries with most guns vs. most murders

insane toadThe Invasion of Europe has Begun
David Horowitz reports: Or perhaps, as Bat Ye’or described in her book, Eurabia, 10 years ago, this is simply the culmination of a long sought plan to convert and subjugate Europe to Islam and destroy Western Civilization. North America may not be far behind. With Obama’s willingness to let in thousands, if not millions of “refugees” and the change in government in Canada, the door is now wide open to the influx of untold number of possible ISIS and Jihadi members. Have we gone insane?

Islamic State Sends Hit Squads to Target Christian Refugeesisis jihadi reports: The Islamic State is sending hit squads into Syrian refugee camps to kill Christians. The strategy is part of a larger commitment to wipe out Christianity, according to a former Islamic State jihadi, who was sent to a refugee camp but changed his mind about his mission. Read more.

Muslims Crossing the Mexican Border reports: While much of the border debate revolves around questions regarding Mexican immigrants, another, perhaps, greater threat exists to our south. Dozens of illegal migrants from terrorist nations entered the United States through Mexico late last year and are being held in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement processing center. Read more:

Muslim Religious Leader says Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islamam

Los Angeles Makes It Illegal to Own a Gun That Works

Christian Kidnapped Before Wedding and Forcibly Converted



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