This issue examines rising antisemitism, attacks from the left, campus depravity, and more.


A reminder: The Promised Land (Gen 15: 18-21)

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News from The Israel Project
The news of a “surge” in the number of Iranian cyber-attacks in recent weeks comes amidst a series of aggressive Iranian actions that have lawmakers urging the Obama administration to respond.Read more.

Horror in Jerusalem. Surveillance footage of today’s Palestinian stabbing frenzy. Two Palestinian terrorists — age 12 and 13 — rise from their seats and attack security guard before they are stopped. This is Israel’s reality. This is the hate Israel faces. Watch video.

Today [Tuesday], a 12 year old Palestinian child knifed an Israeli inPalestinian child with knife Jerusalem. The Palestinian culture of hate teaches that the Israeli Jew is subhuman and has no rights. Today we learn, once again — the first victim of hate is the child. The second victim is his target.

PM: EU ‘should be ashamed of itself’ for settlement labeling reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday pointed an accusatory finger at the European Union, saying it should be “ashamed of itself” for announcing a decision to impose labeling guidelines on Israeli products manufactured over the Green Line. This move is “hypocritical and applies double standards, targeting Israel when there are over 200 other conflicts around the world,” Netanyahu said in a statement. Read more.


School to homeschoolers: Sign up or face criminal charges reports: A number of homeschool parents in Florida have been ordered by a public school district to register their children in classes within three days or face “criminal prosecution” under state law. A meeting within the next week likely will determine whether school officials will face a lawsuit in response to the threat. Read more.

Obama Just Gave a Massive GIFT to 6,000 Convicts reports: President Barack Obama has ordered the early release of some 6,000 convicts serving time for serious drug offenses, the first wave of more than 40,000 prisoners expected to be released early over the next year. Not content to simply let these convicts out of prison early, Obama had also presented them with a “gift” – making it easier for them to get a job with the federal government. Read more.

Schools Gearing up for Sex Weeksex week
CWA Legislative Action Committee reports: A number of top American universities (including Harvard, Northwestern, Tennessee, and Brown, to name a few) are gearing up for “Sex Week,” a school-sponsored event on campuses nationwide that “educates” America’s children on all things “sex” … seven days packed with events devoted to:

  1.  Potentially harmful sexual activities in the bedroom
  2.  Transgender/bisexual relations
  3.  Pornography
  4.  How to be better at oral sex
  5. And, of course, no event is complete without a token Planned Parenthood “educational” session

That’s not all. Sex Week highlights include a drag show, free condoms, lube and sex toy giveaways, and more. Exactly what our hook-up culture needs: the further glorification of unattached, unaccountable sex … and the objectification of women. Read more.

American Counties Moving to Defy the Supreme Court!
Supreme Court reports: It seems that several counties in Tennessee are standing fast to uphold Biblical marriage against the Supreme Court’s illegal ruling to redefine it to include sodomites.The illegal and unconstitutional ruling of the Nazi-like supreme court regarding marriage this past summer was not only illegal, but a complete infringement upon the Constitution and the united States of America. Read more.

‘Muslims are just sick of Islam’: More refugees in Iraq embracing Jesus ChristA Kurdish refugee from the Syrian town of Kobani flashes victory sign as a rainbow forms over the camp in the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province, on Oct. 16, 2014.

A Kurdish refugee from the Syrian town of Kobani flashes victory sign as a rainbow forms over the camp in the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province, on Oct. 16, 2014. reports: More and more Muslim refugees in UN camps in Iraq are embracing Jesus Christ and expressing repugnance of their former religion, Christian Aid Mission workers have disclosed. “They’re just sick of Islam,” a Christian ministry leader in the Kurdish Region of Iraq recently told the Christian Aid Mission. Read more.

Beginning Of The End…Muslims Take Over Government In U.S. City – All U.S. Citizens Must Read reports: Islam is now taking over government in U.S. cities…A city in Michigan is now run by Muslims. Hamtramck, Michigan citizens elected a Muslim majority to its city council. Read more.

Fallout from previous article

The cost of Resettling Syrian Refugees reports: In addition to the obvious security concerns, relocating Syrians to the U.S. is TWELVE-TIMES more expensive than helping them in their own countries. Read more.

‘UK School Teacher: We Don’t Believe in Christmas, Do We?’Oldknow Academy reports: Teachers implicated in the UK Trojan horse plot led students in anti-Christian chants and Muslim and non-Muslim teachers sat separately in the staffroom. Read more.

Muslim Leader Appointed to Florida School Board but There is Something TERRIBLE You Have To know About Her Past

An insightful Paul Harvey commentary from 50 years ago

LGBT Groups Complain “Transgender” Beer not Diverse Enough, too “Inflammatory”



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