This issue examines Michelle Obama’s outright racist comments, terrorist infiltration and support, the climate summit joke, and more.


‘Syria is dead, Israel must prepare,’ top defense official warnsSyria falling reports: With swathes of Syria falling into the hands of opposition forces, including jihadist groups, Assad has increasingly relied on support from allies Iran and the Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah, both sworn enemies of Israel. Read more.

How a Family Became a Propaganda Machine
family reports: The Tamimi clan has become internationally renowned, thanks in part to the support of Amnesty International. But their supposed advocacy of non-violence is a dangerous myth; all along, they’ve been working for a third intifada. Read more.


“Precedent-Setting Victory” over Atheists in This Federal Court Rulingcross veterans memorial reports: “This victory not only affirms the Bladensburg Memorial will remain in its place of honor but helps ensure that all the nation’s veterans memorials, and the veterans they honor, will be protected.” Read more.

Michelle Obama: ‘White Folks’ Are What’s Wrong With America
Michelle reports: In a speech at Tuskegee University, an institute of higher learning in which white people are “not allowed on the bus,” First Domestic Partner Michelle Obama gave the school’s commencement address with instructions to the future agitators of America to – what else? Go forth and agitate. Read more.

Obama Regime Admits It Has Let Terrorists into the Country as It Pushes Gun Controlterrorists at border reports: Is this a ploy by the Regime to label gun owners as terrorists to set up the ability to take guns away from Americans by simply calling them domestic terrorists?  This is a glaring admission that the vetting process of immigrants and refugees is a sham, because he says in the story the terrorists already in the US can buy guns.  Why are you letting terrorists in the US?  Why is it all of a sudden the responsibility of Republicans to pass a new gun control law because you and your Regime have permitted terrorists to enter the country. Read more.

It’s Estimated That at Least One Out of Every Fifty Is A Member Of ISIS reports: Since the Obama Regime is pushing to allow as many as 200,000 alleged Syrian refugees into the United States, that could mean as many as 4,000 or more ISIS terrorists could slip through our vetting process. Read more.

China’s Renminbi Is Approved as a Main World Currency reports: Obama has made sure that not only terrorists rule, but that China is now ready to take over the world economy. The International Monetary Fund on Monday approved the Chinese renminbi as one of the world’s main central bank reserve currencies, a major acknowledgment of the country’s rising financial and economic heft. Read more.

“Refugees” Now Attending Radical Islamic Mosque…This is Happening RIGHT NOWMosque PAID reports: The Wall Street Journal, citing interviews with security officials from across Germany, reports that an increasing number of refugees are attending services at mosques that investigators believe attract extremists. Read more.

About that Muslim “Minority” Who Support Terrorism… reports: A new poll conducted by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies finds that while most of the Syrian refugees have a negative view of ISIS (um, of course they do… otherwise, why would they be “refugees”), 13% of them have a POSITIVE view of ISIS! Read more.

Obama Makes MAJOR Threat to States Who Refuse to Obama arrogance 1Take Syrian ‘Refugees’ reports: …So on Wednesday, just before he got on television and tried to calm fears of a possible terror attack over the holidays, his administration sent out a letter to the states refusing to take in migrants warning them they’ll face legal problems if they don’t let them in, according to the Washington Examiner.  Read more.

Climate Scientists Dismantle Man-made Theory of Global Warmingclimate change seasons 1 reports: A panel of prominent scientists debunked one of the most popular global warming arguments ahead of a major United Nations climate summit to take place in Paris later this month. The scientists slammed policies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as “nonsense,” and they criticized politicians and activists for claiming the world was on the path for catastrophic global warming. Read more.

This HUGE U.S. School District Is Forcing ISIS Propaganda!!! Could Your Children’s School Be Next???
ISIS reports: ISIS propaganda is invading our children’s minds!!! According to Breitbart, a Houston area high school is in high water after assigning an Islamic State recruiting homework assignment one day after the Paris attacks. Read more.

Muslim Nations Refuse To Take A SINGLE Refugee, This is WHY

Hillary: Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism…Her reason is SICK

Hillary Aide Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Huma Abedin: I Want Muslim Refugees To Flood America

Yes, Obama Did Just Admit He Is A Muslim!

Paris Concert Crowd was Singing this Demonic Song the Moment Terror Attacks Began

New Poll finds 1 in 5 British Muslims Sympathize with ISIS Terrorists!

How Egyptian Pundits view our President



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