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US spied on Netanyahu’s anti-Iran deal lobbying – report reports: Despite promising to curb eavesdropping on foreign leaders, White House had NSA listen in on conversations between Israeli leaders and US lawmakers, according to Wall Street Journal. Read more.
ISIS leader Baghdadi to Jews: Palestine will be your graveyard reports: The Islamic State released a taped message on Saturday with a purported speech by its leaderISIS propaganda Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in which he threatened the Jewish State. “We are getting closer to you day by day,” said the message. “Do not think that we have forgotten about you.” Read more.

News from The Israel Project
Iran is threatening to carry out retaliatory measures, if the U.S. implements the new restrictions on the Visa Waiver Program. The recent changes to the program, made by Congress, were placed on individuals who have visited Iran and Iranian citizens and prevents them from entering the U.S. without a visa due to Iran’s continued support for terrorism.

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to attack Israelis Sunday in retaliation for the death of the terrorist Samir Kuntar, for which Israel has not confirmed responsibility. “The Israelis should be justifiably worried,” the Hezbollah chief said. “They should be worried along the border, inside [Israel] and outside.”

A senior Palestinian official said that some members of Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, want to escalate the ongoing wave of terror against Israelis by orchestrating suicide bombings, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday.


POLL: Democrats Think Christians Bigger Threat than Muslims reports: A new poll reveals that 45 percent of the Democrats who responded believe that Christians are a greater threat to America than Muslims. No shock that 72 percent of atheists agree. But the surprise is that 18 percent of those who consider themselves ” very conservative” agree. As do 29 percent of Protestants. And 23 percent of Catholics. Read more.

fema coffinsObama Secretly Orders One Billion Dollars Worth Of FEMA Coffins reports: He’s getting ready if a civil war starts again his administration. During the course of the revolt, many will die, both in battle and in the camps-an inevitable circumstance Obama is already preparing for. Read more.

Is Sweden on the Brink of Anarchy from Refugee Influx? reports: Many of us imagine Sweden as a peaceful welfare state populated by beautiful blonde women and men. All of that has changed with the acceptance of over 60,000 Syrian refugees that has incited a surge in firearms and security systems purchases as well as the formation of vigilante groups. “For the first time, I feel scared to live here,” says Alexandra von Schwerin. Alexandra and her husband have been robbed three times and have lost a van, a quad bike, and a car. Read more.

You Could be Fined $250,000 for using the Wrong PronounMoney reports: How many times were we told that legalizing same-sex sexuality and its kissing cousin transgenderism would not affect people who do not engage in same-sex sexuality or decide not to modify their true sexuality? …”The New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued rules that fine employers for referring to transsexuals by their real gender. Read more. 

 Marines Fight Back against America’s Enemy: the PC Command reports: People often dismiss the military as a place where people don’t think for themselves, but blindly shut up and follow orders. The Marines are showing that isn’t true–at least not for them. The Obama Administration wishes it were true. Read more.

gun CCPolice May Confiscate Guns without Notice to Owner Starting January 1 reports: Beginning January 1, police in California may confiscate firearms from gun owners thought to be a danger to themselves or others without giving the owner any notice. This is the result of the implementation of “gun violence restraining orders” (GVROs), which go into effect New Year’s Day. Read more. 

Islamic State OKs Harvesting Organs of Living Non-Muslims reports: The Islamic State’s religious scholars have ruled that taking the organs of non-Muslims is permissible under Islamic law to save the life of a Muslim, because killing apostates to eat their flesh has previously been allowed. Read more.

How Does ISIS Make Money? reports: Many have called ISIS the wealthiest terror organization in the world, but exactly how much money do they have? It is estimated that ISIS has a stash of around $2 billion, collected from taxing locals, kidnapping ransoms, stealing banking funds, and of course, oil. Read more.

Overall Deportations Drop in 2015, 27% for Criminal Aliens reports: A year after freeing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is distorting annual deportation figures by falsely claiming the number of criminal aliens removed from the U.S. keeps increasing when in fact it’s shrinking drastically. Read more.

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The Forgotten Genocide: Why It Matters Today

Rev. John Piper: Unarmed Christians for Jesus!    


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