This issue looks at the increasing threats to Israeli security, exploding Middle East refugee crime, Socialism in our public schools, and more.


Hundreds of London tube trains plastered with anti-Israel ads reports: BDS activists target 500 trains in what local government calls ‘an act of vandalism’ at start of Israeli Apartheid Week. Read more.


Students at the EMIS School in Ramat Hasharon (Courtesy)

Students at the EMIS School in Ramat Hasharon (Courtesy)

Kids from Morocco, Afghanistan, Yemen, West Bank flock to unique Israeli school reports: Out of the limelight, an experimental boarding school has sprung up outside Tel Aviv, drawing students from 60 countries, many on full scholarship. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
Saudi Arabia halted $4 billion in military and security aid to Lebanon on Friday over what the Kingdom calls “the seizure” by Hezbollah of the “state administration.” Read more.

40 Iranian state-run media outlets announced in a coordinated push on Sunday that they were renewing the death sentence fatwa on British author Salman Rushdie, raising the bounty for killing him by $600,000. Read more.

 Army intelligence warns Fatah militants may join terror wave reports: Military Intelligence officials warned last month that with no peace process on the horizon, the armed wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement and members of the PA security forces could join the near-daily attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians in the West Bank. Read more.


Ark Encounter a “jaw-dropping” Experienceark 2 reports: Several dozen Amish carpenters used their traditional techniques and authentic Bible specs to help build this largest timber-frame structure in the world. Read more.

‘International Socialist’ Leaders Leverage Islam Against Their Own Citizens reports: A man in the Netherlands was arrested at an anti-refugee rally for wearing a fuzzy pink pig hat because the government deems it offensive to Muslims – even though there were no Muslims whatsoever in the area. That’s what the Dutch police are busy doing while Muslim illegal aliens are sexually assaulting women and children, robbing stores and citizens, and causing a surge in violence as never seen before. Read more.

refugees middle eastMiddle East Refugee Crime is Exploding reports: As you know, Europe is in absolute shambles. Their refugee crisis is absolutely ripping the continent apart and threatening to lead to major countries like Great Britain leaving the European Union. Now, documents have leaked showing that between 2014 and 2015, Middle Eastern refugees have been responsible for more than 200,000 crimes in Germany alone. That is just one country. Now here is the kicker: almost every single refugee that Obama is bringing into the country is coming by way of Europe and we are powerless to even choose who we are letting in! Read more.

Twitter Blacklists Conservatives While Facebook Helps European Government Find Targets reports: Not all tweets are being treated equal nowadays. It has been confirmed by Breitbart, that Twitter has a blacklist where accounts are purposely left off of timeline coverage without being alerted of this. Read more.

Anti-migrant Mob Cheers as Refugee Shelter Burnsrefugee center burns reports: A group of onlookers cheered as the roof of a migrant shelter went up in flames in eastern Saxony, Germany on Sunday. Police oversaw the crowd as they watched the flames in “undisguised joy” and even had to intervene when some of them even tried to stop the firefighters from putting out the flames. Read more.

socialist logoImpact of America’s Socialist Public Schools on 2016 Elections reports: For more than a decade, I’ve been accusing the public system in America of brainwashing our kids into rejecting everything that made America great and embracing socialism. I’ve seen many examples among lesson plans, textbooks and speaking with students, where they are being taught to hate America, capitalism and free enterprise. A number of students have told me that they were being taught that America is the world’s enemy and responsible for many of the world’s problems. Read more.

Saddam’s Final Days: What He Said About WMDSaddam-Hussein reports: After his capture, Saddam Hussein admitted to the FBI that he faked having weapons of mass destruction, however he was planning on developing them within the next year before the Iraqi invasion occurred. Read more.

Illegal Aliens will now be allowed to teach America’s Kids reports: Undocumented immigrants in New York will be able to apply for teacher certifications and professional licenses, the state Board of Regents said. Read more.

Kerry Says He Needs an Evaluation Before Claiming there is a Christian Genocide going on in the Middle East

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Why are Many Evangelical Christians Voting for Trump?

Iran pledges thousands of dollars for Palestinian terrorists


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