This edition looks at the Pakistan levitra cost Minister of State”s call for Obama to step forward as Islam”s world leader. 


According to, a report from Islamabad on Sept. 2 claimed that a Pakistani official wanted US President Barack Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero in New York and become the “Amir-ul-Momineen” or Caliph of Muslims. Minister of State for Industries Ayatullah Durrani, who belongs to the ruling Pakistan People””s Party, said the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, expected to be observed on September 11, would be a “golden opportunity” for Obama to offer Eid prayers and declare himself the leader of all Muslims.  “In this way, all the problems of the Muslim world would be solved,” Durrani told The Nation newspaper.

Durrani, a former member of the Pakistan Ideological Council, contended that the Muslim world is in “dire need” of a Caliph and occupying this distinguished slot would provide Obama “exemplary titles” like “Mullah Barack Hussein Obama” or “Allama Obama.” He said: “The time is approaching fast. Barack Hussein Obama must act now. This is a golden opportunity, Muslims badly need it.”

This past Monday, during a taping for a TRUNEWS internet radio broadcast, host Rick Wiles told me about this same report, only from a different source. Let”s assume for a moment that this report is true. The implications are staggering for the entire world. It would authenticate all the claims that Barack Hussein Obama is, indeed, a Muslim. His claims to the contrary would be a clear example of al-taqiyya, the Muslim doctrine of disguising one”s beliefs in order to hide your true intentions.


Whether it”s true or not, the world needs to understand that should Muslims worldwide agree that the one they have been waiting for has arrived, look out! It”s true that Sunnis and Shiites have different views about their coming world leader, but

reestablishing the Caliphate (after 86 years of no world leader) could have a unifying effect. A worldwide leader would have the power to order a worldwide jihad. All Muslims would be obligated to participate. 
The Muslim Brotherhood is a leading worldwide force in the advancement of Islam. Reestablishing the caliphate is the primary reason the organization exists. As I have previously reported, a confiscated memorandum from the Muslim Brotherhood in America to the world headquarters in Cairo, Egypt revealed not only their intentions but their method of bringing America down- jihad by sabotage.
Things are happening around us at an unprecedented pace. Islam is advancing while America sleeps. We are falling for the deceptions of Islamic leaders, refusing to believe their own statements regarding America”s demise. If you would like to better understand the threat as well as what we can do to turn things around, check out my new book at

Two silkworms had a race, but they ended up in a tie.

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