This issue reveals America”s socialist beginning.


Few people realize that in our early days, America, the land of free-enterprise, gave socialism a try. Here”s what happened:
Governor William Bradford”s account of the story of Plymouth Plantation discusses how the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth and their leaders initially were obligated to follow a socialistic scheme devised by the merchants who funded the expedition. Although they had benevolent ideas, these ideas were found

to be disastrous to the community. They maintained that all things would be held in common, that people would work for the common good, and that this would produce great happiness and satisfaction and prosperity. This was 1620.
By the second year, two crop failures had cut the population in half. In 1623 Governor Bradford officially brought an end to the experiment in socialism. Every man was given a parcel of his own. He would work it and be responsible for his own family. As a result, entire families gladly worked long hours to ensure success. The result was a bountiful harvest, followed by a celebration of thanksgiving. Had they remained on their socialistic course, it is likely that none of the Pilgrims would have survived.    


Never in all of history has socialism worked for the betterment of the people. There may be some things that seem to work for some people…for a while, but in the long run, when the incentive for working hard disappears, the system self destructs. When a main tenet of your ideology is the redistribution of wealth, the productive hard workers are punished and the lazy entitlement-seeking leeches are rewarded. The super-productive whose companies employ thousands, allow shareholders to share the wealth, and pump billions into the system through “trickle down economics” are criminalized for their “greed.” Yet, those who have been “trained” in this ideology seem determined to impose it.
This makes you wonder why anyone would think this is good for society. Clearly, it”s not. So what”s behind it all? The quest for power- ultimate power. Someone has to do the redistributing, and since everyone except the group at the top is reduced to the new “average,” those in power get to call all the shots. We must ask why President Obama is so intent on taking America down this road. Considering those whom he has gathered around him, we have reason to fear. What we”re seeing in Washington didn”t just happen. It is the result of years of planning. President Obama is, indeed, intent on fundamentally transforming America into something far from what our founders envisioned. Americans must make their voice heard. What will you do?

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