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Trump Bans Federal Money From Funding Far-Left Anti-American “Critical Race Theory” (MUST READ)

Niece of Osama bin Laden says President Trump is only person who can prevent another 9/11

Detroit Police Chief Pulls Back Curtain On Riots – It’s Not Actually About Equality, It’s “Total Anarchy”

State Grapples With Voter Fraud

New Jersey Democrats Outrage Residents By Eliminating U.S. Flags Put Up After 9/11

Ohio School District Shuns Police

Chicago Teacher Says All Police Deserve to Be DEAD, Keeps His Job

As West Coast Fires Spread, 10% of Entire State Population Forced to Evacuate

Republican Lawmakers Push DOJ to Probe Funding for Nationwide Protests

Israel readies for High Holy Days without foreign visitors

Mueller Team Caught Deleting 27 Phones 



Part 1 

Earth from Space

For those familiar with biblical prophecy, the new normal in our nation (and around the world) isn’t all that shocking. We knew it was coming, but the suddenness of the profound changes 2020 has brought took us all by surprise. Many will also be surprised at the degree to which so many people have accepted the restrictions that have had far-reaching effects. However the Coronavirus originated, it has been the “event” the leftists, Marxists and globalists have been waiting for. They’ve had their strategy ready for the right time. It has arrived and there’s no turning back.

Their strategy seems to be working. Think of all the ways we’ve already been conditioned to give up our rights for “peace and safety.” The Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a host of restrictions on our society, our economy, our churches, our schools and the way we are “allowed” to congregate. Not only are we conditioned, some have even become willing accomplices as they forcefully subject perceived offenders to public Covid-shaming.Meanwhile, our history books are being re-written and our children in public schools are being taught disgusting and anti-American leftist propaganda while parents are kept in the dark.

Then there’s the assault on our free speech rights. It’s no secret that Facebook, Twitter and Google are using their power to shut down all voices that that don’t conform to the party line. After it became known that the selected moderator for the second presidential debate, C-Span’s Steve Scully, was once a Biden intern, this information was scrubbed from his page on Wikipedia. Clearly, only “acceptable” facts are now permitted in the leftist-run public forum.Technology and social media have become tools for the globalists to silence Christians, Conservatives, and patriotic Americans. We have arrived at the day I never expected to see in my lifetime. I believe we have crossed the threshold into the lead-up to the prophesied One-World Government.

Starting today, I will be presenting evidence to support my conclusion, detailing how we will likely be affected, and how we should respond based on God’s Word. For today, I ask you to pay close attention to the public dialog of the leftist power brokers. They will be doubling down on these familiar talking points:

Wealth redistribution is essential for a stable world economy. Don’t think for a moment that the goal is to make all nations equal, somewhere between the U.S. and third-world countries. The clear goal is to make America just like today’s third-world nations. We are perceived as the greatest stumbling block in their path. For the globalists, Donald Trump’s “America First” mentality must be crushed. National sovereignty must give way to a global mentality.

The catastrophic effects of Climate Change must be acknowledged. The truth is that the “climate change” message will be used to unite the world’s people in a joint effort to reverse this supposed “existential threat to the planet.”The richest nations will be forced to contribute the most to this effort as well as to support wealth re-distribution. This will be accomplished through a global tax.

Capitalism must be replaced by a more equitable system that works for everyone. The truth is that its replacement will work only for those at the top. All others will be equal-equally poor and dependent on the government

A digital world currency is also necessary for a stable and manageable economy. The truth is that a digital currency is necessary to maintain control over every person on earth. Those trying to bypass the new currency will be punished.

Open borders are essential for a global society. The truth is that they make every nation equally vulnerable.

Next week we’ll look at the world organization that is setting the stage for the Antichrist and his one-world government. (No, it’s not the UN.)



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