Sharia Law- All that Bad for America?
With so many of our judges and governmental officials working overtime to remove all the obstacles to incorporating Sharia Law in the United States, some wonder if they know something we don’t. Well, we can stop wondering. They don’t. They either know a whole lot less or they are purposely working to undermine our legal foundation. We also need not wonder what would happen if Sharia were implemented. We only need to look at some of the nations that have adopted Sharia as the main law of the land-nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan under the Taliban. Despite our best efforts to partner with them in some way, every one has posed a serious problem for America.

Following the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iran adopted Sharia Law. U.S.-Iranian relations have steadily declined since then. Today, they are the worst than they have ever been. Saudi Arabia produced Bin Laden who led Al-Qaeda and attacked the US on September 11 2001, dragging the US into a host of confrontations that have cost the US economy trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Click here to learn just how relations between Sudan and the US have significantly declined after the implementation of Sharia in the country. Somalia has shown animosity toward the US and has become a breeding ground for terrorists since it became controlled by the Al-Shabbab Islamic movement that implemented Sharia Law in the land. Several US Muslim citizens also became radicalized in Somalia after Sharia dominated it.

Finally, under Sharia Law, Afghanistan created a system extremely hostile toward the West, including the US. The Sharia-ruled Taliban adopted Al-Qaeda fighters and caused, and is still causing, major troubles for the US. In fact, the Islamist threat that originated in Afghanistan has also affected nearby countries like Pakistan. The honeymoon that existed temporarily between the US and the Taliban during the confrontation with the Russians has ended and the true nature of the Taliban as an anti-American regimen has been exposed (for those who have eyes to see).

There are plenty of good reasons why relations between the U.S. and these countries are, and will never be good. First of all, Sharia Law creates hatred toward the values of freedom and equality that are the founding principles of the US. For example, Sharia allows beating women, polygamy, and pedophilia, and promotes killing apostates, gays, and adulterers. Islamists who adopt these Sharia values cannot have anything but hatred toward the countries that promote freedom and liberty.

Additionally, inherent in Sharia is the belief in the supremacy of Islam and Muslims over all non-Muslims. Also, Sharia requires that non-Muslims in Muslim society MUST pay a special form of tax of humiliation (Jizya) to the Muslim rulers. According to Sharia, non-Muslims MUST be disgraced during paying such taxes.

Sharia principles teach that Jihad is necessary to spread the religion and subjugate non-Muslims to Islamic laws. Without exception, all schools of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shafeii, Hanbali, Maleki, and Hanafi) teach that Muslims MUST declare war on non-Muslims until they subjugate to Islam. So, what happens when Muslims’ inherent “superiority” doesn’t seem to match the realities on the ground? The frustration inevitably leads to a desire to destroy the nation (even if it is a world power) that ‘deprives’ them of their superiority.

So, is Sharia really all that bad for America? If you had any doubts, I hope they have been erased.


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