This issue looks at “which Babylon?” in the rebuilding Babylon controversy.


Since this topic has drawn more comments than any other, let”s take a closer look to try to minimize the confusion. First, we must understand that when “Babylon” is used in the Bible, it may be referring to the ancient city, the Babylonian Empire, or the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17. The two events that draw the most interest are the rebuilding of Babylon and the fall of Babylon. Historically, the city of Babylon fell in 539 B.C. to the Medo-Persian Empire. Over time, the city was destroyed and the once great empire gave way to the conquering Medes and Persians.

Today, the empire is still gone, but the city of Babylon is in the beginning stages of a rebuilding process due to cooperative efforts of the Iraqi government and the U.S. Military. The future Babylon, the Mystery Babylon of Revelation, refers to a world system (represented by a great city) that God will destroy in judgment during the Tribulation

period. The challenge seems to be to determine if the Mystery Babylon is, in fact, the city of Babylon that is beginning to be rebuilt. Joel Rosenberg is among those who believe that the Iraqi capital will grow to become a great city, fulfilling the requirements of Mystery Babylon.


I disagree. I see too many inconsistencies with the logic that reaches that conclusion. I have discussed some of my objections in previous articles
Post 14 and Post 64. Here, I would like to look at one of many other arguments that disprove their position. Read Revelation 18 and you”ll capture the image of a great city that imports a vast array of products via merchant ships. It would take a sizable deep water port

to online casino accommodate this kind of trade since today”s commercial freighters have very deep hulls. Now, consider the city of Babylon. It is over 400 miles from the Persian Gulf and over 350 miles from the small town harbor of Basra on the Euphrates, Iraq”s primary port. The Euphrates River is simply not capable of handling large ships. It seems unlikely, if not impossible that the city of Babylon could ever become a major port city. Post 115 offers additional arguments against the city of Babylon.
I understand why some people see the rebuilt ancient city as Mystery Babylon. This was the birthplace of all false religions through Nimrod. It seems appropriate that God would want to pour out His wrath (as in Rev. 18) on this infamous site. It is also possible, however, that the real Mystery Babylon will represent the greatest current manifestation of these false religions- the culmination of history”s anti-God “movements”- one that both Satan and the Antichrist can use and manipulate. Whatever position you take, it appears that the city representing Mystery Babylon is a city in existence today. It must. However, meet every requirement of Scripture, especially Revelation 18.
Having said all this, I readily admit that I could be wrong about all this. I”m simply stating my position based on my understanding of Scripture. Not everything regarding prophecy is clear. The point is to be ready and rightly related to God no matter what happens.

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