This issue looks at Israel”s current crisis- the worst in its history.

Israel has faced numerous crises throughout her tumultuous history, but none matches the crisis she faces today. Even in her early days after being restored as a nation in 1948, there were nations supporting and encouraging her. Now, she stands alone. The current situation recalls the words of the prophet Zechariah who told of a time when all the nations of the world would be against Israel. So, what will happen to these nations? Nothing good. Some will destroy themselves. Some will destroy each other. God will destroy the rest.

Israel has few friends in the United Nations. Those who claim to support her will vote against her or abstain under pressure. Only tiny Micronesia has a perfect record of being with Israel no matter what. The UN has a built-in anti-Israel majority. Had the U.S. not exercised its Security Council veto power, Israel would have suffered more than it has in recent years. Currently, several resolutions are in the works condemning Israel. One recognizes a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Sanctions and alleged war crimes are being leveled and Israeli products are being boycotted. The United States still has the power to veto any sanctions or resolutions, but given the position of the Obama administration, this is not likely. Whatever is done will be done “in the name of peace,” but will certainly not be in Israel”s best interests. Despite President Obama”s references to the “unbreakable bond between Israel and the United States,” his actions show a much stronger and growing bond with the Muslim world. His speech at Cairo set the tone. Now he is planning a summit conference of Islamic states to complete what be began at Cairo.

Worldwide news broadcasts present a much different view than we get here in the States. Across both oceans, Muslims see the United States as a huge monster, despite the Muslim ties of its President. They see America as the embodiment of everything evil, and the distrust of her is strong and growing. Our State Department fails to realize this,

and in recent years, has pushed for a more pro-Arab and less pro-Israel foreign policy. The consequences of such a shift will be catastrophic for the United States. God will fight for Israel. Who will fight for us?

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The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas.

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