This issue looks at the meaning of America”s mid-term election results.


With Republicans taking control of the House, making gains in the Senate and governors” races, America seems to be poised for more “change.” As the pundits debate as the meaning of the election results, I”d like to take a giant step back and try to see the big picture. I find it fascinating that the party in power typically looses ground in midterm elections. Having followed the political scene for the past thirty years, I”ve watched the pendulum swing back and forth, back and forth. Like clockwork, the party in power finds a way to screw things up. This should tell us something about man”s understanding of what”s really important–what will cause God to truly bless America. John Adams laid it out for us when he said,

“There is no government armed with power which is capable of continuing with

human passion if those passions aren”t bridled by morality and religion….Our constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

While limited government and balanced budgets may be good for the nation, they are not at the top of God”s list of concerns. According to Adams, our government will fail when we start ignoring God”s moral mandates. It doesn”t matter what party is in power. When America is willing to allow just about anything in the name of tolerance, God will most assuredly remove His protection. When America chooses not to love and protect what God loves and has been protecting, we”re in for a rough road.


By now, my readers understand that I do more than just report the news. My goal is to help my readers understand what is important to God, so they can make the necessary adjustments in their lives- so they can share in God”s blessings. Hopefully, these “adjustments” will one day work their way into our government. To this end, during November and December, I am offering a 20% to 25% discount on the three books featured at the top of my home page (  Dragon Slayers, my only novel, illustrates that ideas have consequences, and ideas that deny truth can be deadly. The Israeli Connection shows God”s unconditional and unwavering love for Israel and how America fits into that relationship. Islam and the Last Days lays out the very real threat Islam poses to the entire world and presents four possibilities regarding the role Islam may play in the last days.

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When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

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