This issue reveals the current Islamic desecration of Christianity”s most holy sites.

Anyone who has visited the Garden Tomb during a visit to Jerusalem will never forget the experience. I know I won”t. Of the two sites claiming to be the actual burial site of our Lord, the Garden tomb, in my opinion, seems most likely. Seeing the carved slab of stone where Jesus” body was likely laid, the entrance where Peter and John once stood, and the enclosure that could not hold our Lord, was an experience of a lifetime. Imagine my horror when I learned that Muslims had constructed a 15″ concrete block wall over the top of the tomb. The report indicated that the Islamic cemetery expansion project would soon involve hundreds of tons of concrete being

poured next to the wall. Not only was no permit obtained, but the structure violates numerous city building codes. While the issues are being discussed, all sides claim concern over the possible disruption in the flow of tourists. While the construction poses a threat to the Tomb, it poses an equal threat to tourists should rain, snow

or ground tremors magnify the growing instability.

If that”s not bad enough, the same construction project has spread to the top of Golgotha, the Place of the Skull. This is, in my opinion, the most likely site for the place where Christ was crucified. While considerable erosion has taken place, the form of a skull is still visible in the rock on the side of the hill. Load after load of dirt is being poured over this sacred Christian site.

If Christians or Jews had simply stuck a spade in the dirt near some Muslim “holy” site, the entire Muslim world would be up in arms, threatening death to anyone who dared to defile their religion. I am, however, appalled that this was allowed to happen and has been allowed to continue. While I don”t know the details, I can”t imagine a situation that could possibly have been beyond the authority of local officials. Illegal construction is one thing. Desecration of Christianity”s most holy sites is another matter altogether. It shows the degree to which compliance in the face of Islamic intimidation has spread.

If this construction is allowed to stand, it”s not difficult to imagine what will follow. Reports are circulating that the planned construction includes a minaret on top of Golgotha. Islam already has a mosque at Judaism”s most prominent site. What”s left? All they need is a mini-mosque on Christianity”s most prominent site and they have made their point. In the Islamic mindset, this

would symbolize that Islam has, indeed, superseded both Judaism and Christianity. The stage would be set for worldwide jihad. All that is needed is the appearance of the world leader Muslims have been waiting for.

Why do we sing “Take me out to the ball game” when we”re already there?



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