This issue looks at “Breaking the System” Part 3.


We previously saw how ACORN successfully used the nation”s welfare system to start the ball rolling toward bankrupting the nation. Their next target was the over-burdened and under-policed voting system. Keep in mind

that by its leaders” admission, ACORN is “anti-capitalist” at its core. Phase 2 of the ACORN attack began in 1982 when they launched the “voting rights” movement. Attention was diverted by creating a front group, “Project Vote,” as well as Human SERVE. All three groups lobbied hard for the “Motor-Voter” law, which allowed people to register to vote when they received their drivers licenses. It also removed the requirement of showing proof of citizenship when voting.

Success was further guaranteed recently when Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez informed Department of Justice attorneys that the Obama administration had no interest in enforcing the provision of the law requiring dead, duplicate, and ineligible registration to be removed from the voter rolls. When President Clinton signed the National Voter Registration Act on May 20, 1993, guess who stood behind him? Cloward and Piven. Through their front groups and militant grass roots workers, they immediately began flooding the polls with phony ballots and bogus registrations. Remember when polling locations around the nation recently discovered all those votes being cast by dead people, Mickey Mouse, and a host of other “creative” attempts to corrupt the system?  The integrity of the entire voting system was called into question and the Cloward-Piven plan was another step toward success.

The greatest success in their bankrupt-the-system strategy, however, was seen in the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act. Under the guise of promoting racial equality, the act required banks to extend credit to high-risk borrowers in low income areas. They had already become skilled in playing the race card, and the pot was getting bigger. Madeline Talbott, a Chicago ACORN leader, boldly boasted of her organization”s clout in forcing banks into loans with house buyers who clearly incapable of paying them.


Does all this ring a bell? It should. We know that our current housing crisis is rooted in thousands of loans banks should never have made. Look what it has done to the housing market and our whole banking system. Our nation has seen depressions, but nothing like what we are experiencing today. We may not have the daily bread lines (yet), but we are seeing a tightening of the money supply, apprehension to

invest, rising unemployment, and unprecedented government takeovers. We”ve also seen blame being thrown in a myriad of directions, but never at the obvious cause- the Cloward-Piven plan.

For whatever reason, the Cloward-Piven plan has found more than willing accomplices in many politicians, especially in the Democratic Party. I honestly don”t know if their ideology has blinded them to what their proposals are really doing, or if their goals are those of Cloward & Piven. In any case, America is under attack from within, and those who understand what”s really going on had better not just throw up their hands in frustration. In the next edition, I”ll show what else ACORN is up to and the increasing involvement of Barack Obama. Read Part 4 of this series.



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