This edition examines the U.S.”s role in forcing a Palestinian state upon Israel and an analysis of what really happened in Egypt. The vast array of misinformation out there forced this edition to be longer than usual.

U.S. Joins U.N. Against Israel
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports that the United States is also supporting a worldwide effort to have the United Nations unilaterally declare a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. They are planning to present Israel with a fait accompli without any input from the Jewish people on their fate and with no say over their own borders or security. No other nation on earth would be treated this way. According to the unfailing and unchanging promise of God, if America sides with this plan, we WILL be cursed. “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.” (Genesis 12:3) We have an opportunity at this prophetic moment to be a blessing to the children of Abraham by standing together in defense of Jerusalem.

An Insider”s View of Egypt”s “Revolution”
For a better understanding of what really happened in Egypt, consider

this excerpt from a letter from an Egyptian Christian to Christian Friends of Israel in Jeruslaem. It was written before Mubarak resigned:

Do not believe what the international media is saying. there is a plot to topple the president, and Eqyptians do not want that. I have been on the streets with many hundreds of thousands, probably even millions, who want stability, dialogue, and change with Mubarak until the elections in September. There are forces taking advantage of the situation and twisting facts and figures to portray to the international community a distorted image to topple the government. The vast majority of people in the streets in peaceful demonstrations (I speak as an eyewitness because I took to the streets myself) aer carrying banners saying things like, “Yes to Stability, Yes to Mubarak,” Give change a chance,” We are sorry, Mr. President,” We accept dialogue, we trust you,” “No to El-Baradei,” “No to the Muslim Brotherhood” (many like this one), “We are the Egyptians,” Where is Al-Jazeera, let them mastercard cialis come and see,” “No to corruption,” “No to vandalism,” “We got what we asked the  president for, so why are the people still in Tahir? Who are they? What do they want?”

We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahir Square who decided to join us saying: “We got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak”s changes and proposals.” I left the street with my wife around 4:15 PM, and the numner in the neighborhood of Mohandessin where we were gathered had swelled to easily over a million. As we drove home we saw the same slogans an banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place all over the country, in many different cities. This is the cry of the of Egypt that is being totally ignored by the international news media. Is this on purpose??!! I am perplexed!!! I am wondering: How come CNN, the BBC, and others are reporting ONLY the anti-government protests as the voice of the people? This is not JUSTICE. This is snot TRUTH. There have been reports that these people are being paid by the government. NOT TRUE! I was there with many many others.  I SAW THE STREETS.

Now to the situation in Tahir Square. Only a few people (hundreds?)

are still there from the original protesters. They have been slowly replaced by other HIGHLY ORGANIZED GROUPS. They all have the same model of cell phone. They all have the same blankets (eye witnesses). THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT. Some witnesses claim that they don”t look like Egyptians, and don”t sound like Egyptians (different accent, different dialect). THIS IS A BIG ORGANIZED COUP TO TRY TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THROUGH THE MEDIA THAT EGYPT WANTS MUBARAK TO GO, AND THE MEDIA IS PART OF THE DECEPTION. People in Tahir Square are escalating the situation on purpose to topple President Mubarak FOR THEIR OWN HIDDEN AGENDAS. This is TYPICAL OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERS, AND EVERYBODY IN THE STREETS OF CAIRO KNOWS THIS.

U.S. State Department”s Involvement
Now we”re learning that one of the “outside groups” is the U.S. State Department, which has been deeply involved throughout the Middle-East organizing and promoting its “Alliance of Youth Movements.” The evidence seems to be revealing that the Obama administration has been actively seeking to topple regimes that have been U.S. allies and to empower groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Glenn Beck has uncovered evidence that supports this preposterous-sounding claim.

Another Insider”s View
Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team reports that President Barack Obama should win another Nobel Peace Prize for orchestrating an Islamic revolution from Jimmy Carter”s Iranian playbook of indecisiveness. He has humiliated a Muslim casino online ally who has fought terrorism for decades and has supported U.S. policies in the Middle East.

So far, Hosni Mubarak has refused to flee Egypt but left Cairo for his retreat in Sharm el-Sheikh. While he has apparently resigned as its leader, he above all men is haunted by the ghost of Persia. Egypt was the first nation to offer the Shah refuge when he fled Iran on January 16, 1979. It was the nation that provided his family with a burial plot for his earthly remains later that year.

Mubarak witnessed the double-crosses, lies, and humiliation inflicted by the Carter administration. Mubarak”s dark side has been intentionally ignored by past presidents because of the hawkish foreign policy which necessitated strategic allies, whether dictators or not. It worked perfectly for the U.S. during the days of Naziism and Communism.

Now, it appears, President Obama does not consider America at war against Islamo-Fascism, and there is no longer a need to undergird an ally. Instead, the Liberal Left White House and press are dumbing-down the American people into thinking this is simply a battle between democracy and tyranny. The threat this poses to America and to Israel is grave indeed.

The Muslim Brotherhood with sixty percent support from the Egyptian population believes that Egypt can become the center of jihad against the Western world. That belief system goes back to the days of Dr. al-Zawahiri, along with Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who was arrested for attempting to kill Anwar Sadat, which was believed permissible under Islamic law.

Hosni Mubarak picked up the reins of government after Sadat”s assassination and continued partnering in the region with the United States. Sheikh Rahman of the fanatical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood attempted to kill Mubarak also. The plan was to kill the Egyptian president during a trip to New York City. It was Rahman, the blind cleric, who incited Muslims to “kill Americans wherever you find them; destroy their embassies, sink their ships, shoot down their planes.”

It was in a Cairo hellhole that Sheikh Rahman and al-Zawahiri began to plot to bring the U.S. to its knees with the target being the World Trade Center. Islamo-Fascists from Egypt have been trained and hardened on the battlefields of Afghanistan. They have provided the training for the next generation of terrorists. One of the most well-known would be Mohammed Atta, leader of the nineteen hijackers responsible for the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.



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