This issue looks at “Breaking the System” Conclusion.

Let”s return to where we started- the Cloward-Piven plan to weaken America. All the bailouts, stimulus packages, and unprecedented spending have successfully undermined our economic supports. We”re still standing, but barely. Few Americans realize just how close we are to total economic collapse. As a result of our nation”s massive debt, we are faced with four equally unacceptable alternatives: borrow,

print money, tax, or default. Borrowing more puts us further in the hole, but it”s really a moot point since we”ve become too risky for creditors to consider. Printing more money, the Obama administration”s top choice leads to inflation, thus only delaying the agony. Taxing will be the most unpopular with the people, who would be devastated by further tax burdens. To default would turn everything over to our creditors. We”d soon be speaking Chinese.

So what should we expect? If Obama”s former “Green” Czar Van Jones had his way, the administration would stop worrying about the deficits and simply go after all the rich American businessmen out there. What we do know is that Obama feels that change hasn”t come fast enough. According to his apparent definition of “change,” he means that the collapse is taking way too long. What would speed things up? How about granting amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants? Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have already been fraudulently registered as

voters under the Motor Voter bill, but granting blanket amnesty would guarantee millions more votes and would further drain the system as they received all their entitlements as American citizens. Last year, Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chuck Schumer proposed legislation requiring that anyone whose name appeared on any federal roll (including child molesters, convicted felons, and the like) would automatically be registered to vote.

As we have seen, ACORN is at the center of Obama”s plan. Instead of preserving,   protecting, and defending our Constitution, he is determined to preserve, protect, and defend ACORN. While ACORN was under investigation in at least 14 states for voter registration fraud, Obama managed to amend the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act so that ACORN could continue receiving funding during the Utnyttjande eller återutnyttjande av online casino sverige och/eller Poker Rum programvaran, oavsett nedladdad från online casino sverige och/eller Poker Rum Webbplats eller på något annat sätt eller via annan media. investigation. After seeing videotaped evidence of ACORN”s financial misrepresentation and unsavory practices, Congressional Republicans finally pushed for a ban on federal funding for ACORN. Obama and the Democrats countered by quietly restoring the group”s funding through massive TARP bailouts and Stimulus packages. They used the congressional healthcare vote to distract attention away from their refunding of ACORN.

What I have presented in this series represents the tip of the iceberg, but it shows you what is going on “under the surface.” Every one of America”s economic woes has served to advance the Cloward-Piven plan to which Barack Obama has been committed for many years. His proposal to frieze spending at the current level would be disastrous and he knows it. His expansion of entitlement programs means increased entitlement benefits and a further drain on the system. He probably knows he has only four years to bring about the “transformation” he promised. The last election was a great first step in limiting and possibly reversing the damage he has done. America has never faced a challenge like this. We are being attacked from the

outside and from within. We must rise to the occasion or the America we once knew will be gone forever.


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