This issue examines the cost of courting moderate Muslims.

The majority of the Politically Correct crowd seems to feel that moderate Muslims should be welcomed into the fabric of American life with open arms. Believing that the diversity moderate Muslims bring to society is a good thing, they go out of their way to avoid offending them in any way. Europe is starting to wake up, but America is still fast asleep.
Let’s look at the facts. Should the caliphate be restored and the majority of the world’s Muslims accept that a new Islamic world leader is officially in power, all the rules would change. For certain, he will declare a worldwide jihad and moderate Muslims around the world will be forced to choose between their religion and their “nationality.” A recent poll indicated that just under 50% of Muslims living in America already see themselves as Muslims first and Americans second. Once the official jihad begins, moderates must join the “cause” or become certain targets of the radicals who will have marked all “traitors” for death.
Even if the caliphate is not restored, there’s also a psychological factor that is in play even now. Once the moderates see that the “enemy” is caving to the demands of either the radicals or the moderates, they will experience a newfound smell of victory in the air and want to be part of the victorious movement. Consider how you feel when your team   has had one losing season after another. Unless you’re a fanatic, you’re not all that interested. However, when your team finally starts winning, everything changes.  Suddenly, you become a big fan, breaking out the jerseys and the hats. You start going to the games and cheering them on. You see yourself as part of the team. Their success is your success.
The same thing is already beginning to happen with “moderates” as they see more and more concessions being made. Their mindset starts to change. They start to smell victory. Whereas they were once content with a piece of the American pie, they now see the whole pie as “within reach. They want to be part of the team.          

So, what kind of concessions are we talking about? How about the U.S. Justice Department”s recent lawsuit supporting the supposed right of a newly hired Muslim teacher to get three weeks off (with pay) so she could participate in the hajj (religious pilgrimage) to Mecca. The lawsuit was filed in December of 2010 on behalf of Safoorah Khan, a former Middle School teacher who became a teacher in the Berkekey School District in 2007. While Muslims are required to make the hajj anytime during their lifetime, she felt she was “entitled” to the time off at that time because she would have to wait 9 years until the hajj fell on a “school break.” Not getting the time off, she resigned. The Justice Department wants her reinstated with back pay, unspecified damages, and an order requiring the school district to adopt a more flexible religious observance policy.
Can you imagine the Justice Department defending a Christian for wanting time off to visit the holy land? It would never happen. What do you expect moderate Muslims to conclude when they see such blatant inequities being imposed in their favor?


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