This issue looks at Part One of how Muslims view the revolution. 
Over and over, we’ve heard the same Western spin on events in Egypt and around the Middle-East. Freedom-fighting democracy seekers are valiantly rising up against their tyrannical rulers. You know the story. Let’s dig a little deeper. The uprisings are in Muslim-dominated countries. How do you think the Muslims themselves view these “uprisings,” especially those Muslims who are committed to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood? Let’s focus on one of the primary goals of the MB- the reestablishment of the Caliphate? Since 1924 there has been no worldwide Muslim leader. With the defeat of the Ottoman Empire came the dissolution of the Caliphate. Should the Caliphate be established again, everything would change. For now, we’re going to look at how those who are working for the reestablishment of the Caliphate view the recent uprisings. One of the Muslim websites dedicated to this cause is Check it out for yourself. Here, I have selected some revealing excerpts:
We are witnessing monumental events taking place in the Muslim World. First was the WikiLeaks which exposed the colonialists and their agents and how they are conspiring day and night to impose the dominance of the west in the Muslim lands with assistance of the puppet Muslim rulers such Zardari and his co-operation with US war against the Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan and also like Saleh in Yemen in killing Muslims. Then the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia, where the brave Muslims ousted President Ben Ali, who fled the country like a coward!

For a while we thought we can’t bring about political change, because the regimes have created atmosphere of fear and intimidation using the police, judiciary and the army and anybody dared to challenge is harassed, jailed and even killed. Now the barrier of fear has been broken, the Muslims have shown in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria and now in Egypt, the Muslims have found courage and began to challenge the tyrants and demand their downfall! This development is major milestone in the Muslims world and its quest for revival, the Muslims have realised that the power it possesses, when we collectively undertake political actions for change.

However, the west governments and their media is portraying this call for change to be secular and democratic change in the Muslim world and claiming that it is a victory for the kufr [disbelief, hiding reality] system and ideology. Slogans such as ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Human Rights’ and other western slogans should be understood how Muslims understand them in the Muslim world.
Democracy – When Muslims call for Democracy they don’t mean sovereignty to man over sovereignty over sharia, rather than mean the Muslims should appoint their own leaders and not imposed upon them by the west like Mubarak over the last 30 years.

Freedom – The call for freedom is a reaction against the state brutality against anyone opposing the regime, and being imprisoned and killed as a result. Muslims are not calling for freedom in the western sense of the term, where our prophet can be abused in the name of freedom of speech.
Human Rights – Call for human rights is a reaction to the police state in the Muslim world, where Muslims are falsely accused, harassed, spied upon and tortured.

In their own words, Muslims are telling us what is really happening over there. Unfortunately, Westerners are taken in by their noble-sounding rhetoric. However, as with the cults, their familiar sounding words have very different meanings. In their own words, Muslims are telling us that the primary goal of the “revolutions” is the furtherance of Islam. They are telling us that democracy, freedom, and human rights are all about Muslim rights and the establishment of Sharia law. I’ll reveal more from this site in a future post. Stay tuned.


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