This issue looks at how Muslims view the revolution- Part 2.

In the last edition we examined some statements from to see how Muslims view the recent unrest in the Middle-East. Click here to read that post. Here are some more excerpts from that site:

Although it is good news that Muslim ummah [community of believers] are moving towards taking control of their own affairs, but there is real danger that emotions and momentum for change will be hijacked by the regimes and the western powers by making cosmetic changes such changing the face of the regimes and making minor concessions and partial policy changes to relief poverty. To offset against this risk we must realise four points:

1. Radical Change – The changes that is required is not reform, change of faces, policies – this will only sap the energy of the Muslims and the efforts and sacrifices of the Muslims will be put to waste. The change must be radical.
2. Public Opinion for Islam – The Muslim Ummah must articulate clearly and create a strong public opinion for the Islamic system as the alternative system that will provide dignity, justice, decent living and peace. Instead of calling for Democracy, the Muslim Ummah must call for the Khilafah [Caliphate], which gives them the right to appoint their leader.
3. Political Awareness.
The Muslim Ummah should develop strong political awareness so that we do not fall into the political traps of US and her allies. They will call for reforms and minor changes to placate the sentiments of the Muslims. The US ordered Mubarak to dismiss the cabinet, appoint a vice president, announce reforms all to preserve the regime and her interest in the region which Mubarak serves dutifully like protecting Israel, mediator for the peace process and aid the US against her war against Islam by fighting the dawa [proselytizing of Islam] carriers.
4. Role of the Army
For years the Muslims thought the Muslims armies are so corrupt and we cannot rely on them to deliver political change, but example of Tunisia and Egypt have shown the Muslim armies will not fire on the masses and will side with the Ummah if there is strong support for a political idea. Therefore, it is possible for the Muslim Ummah to topple the regime if the armies either support the change or even remain silent by allowing the political movement to take power. 
As you can see from these statements, what they want is far from what we’re being told they want. They don’t want democracy as we know it. They want to skip the voting process altogether and put their man into a higher position that just a national leader. Once a Caliph has been established, his rule (for Muslims) will supersede that of all other world leaders. He will have the power to unite all Muslims and to declare full blown worldwide jihad against all “unbelievers.”
We should be taking this movement very seriously, but our leaders are not. President Obama has openly praised the protestors, giving credibility to their calls to topple the wicked regime in power. I wonder how he would feel if such an organized demonstration would break out against him and his wicked regime.


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