This issue looks at Israel’s role in America’s Founding. 

One of the positive effects of our nation’s current woes is a resurgence of interest in our nation’s history, especially regarding what really happened as America was being birthed. One of the things people are learning is that most of our nation’s founders were God-fearing Christians committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other is the role Israel’s people played in making our nation possible.
Most people are unaware of what was happening in Spain when Columbus set sail for a New World in 1492. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had just issued an edict for all Jews to leave Spain immediately or be executed. Some influential Jewish businessmen went to Christopher Columbus, an Italian, offering to finance his journey to discover a new land across the Atlantic Ocean. With this offer came help from other Jews. Joseph Diego Mendes Vezinho was a scientist who would help Columbus chart and record his discoveries. Avraham Zacuto, a mathematician, inventor, and nautical expert offered his navigational skills.
Three centuries later, when the thirteen colonies were fighting the British during the American Revolution, it was another Jewish businessman who saved the day for Washington and his troops. The colonial soldiers were poorly clothed, starving to death, and on the verge of defeat. Hyman Solomon, a Philadelphia banker convinced fellow Jews in America and Europe to give to the American cause. He succeeded in raising one million dollars which he presented to General Washington to help clothe and feed his troops.
To show his appreciation, Washington ordered the engravers at the U.S. Mint to modify the dollar bill, adding an element over the eagle on the back side. The thirteen stars of the colonies were to be encased in the 6-pointed Star of David. Surrounding the star was a cloudburst representing the glory of God. Take a look at a dollar bill. It’s still there.

I believe that in the formation of our great nation, God had His people in the right place at the right time on many occasions. The way He used Jewish people to lead a primarily Gentile nation to its “destination” is just like the way the Church is to come alongside Israel to help her reach her “destination.” Notice, however, that the roles are reversed. It’s like Frodo and Sam in the Lord of the Rings. Frodo was trying to reach the place where he could pitch the ring and usher in a new kingdom of sorts. Sam’s job was to help him get there. Christians (most of whom are Gentiles) are to be helping the Jewish people reach the destination God has planned for them. In Romans 15:27, Paul reminds us that since we Gentiles have shared in Jewish spiritual things, we are indebted to minister to them in material things.
The people of Israel really need our help right now. They are feeling like they are alone in the world. If you would like to show your appreciation in some way, I suggest you contact Christian Friends of Israel , check out the ministries they offer (in Jerusalem), find one that touches your heart, and make a contribution of time or money. Read more about the Jewish/Israeli influence in the founding of our nation. 


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