This issue unmasks the myth regarding America’s “allies.”

In my book, Islam and the Last Days, I propose that the United States should cease giving aid to any Muslim nation. Such aid is being given under the assumption that the recipient is an ally of America and the West. Let’s take a brief look at how that has worked out. During the days of the Shah, Iran was considered to be a strong ally. We gave him billions in aid as well as huge quantities of our most advanced weapons. Then, overnight, he was deposed and when the “Iranian Revolution” was concluded, Iran became our most virulent enemy. No one (in power) saw it coming, but it happened. Not only did we lose an ally, but our new enemy now had our money and our weapons to use against us.

Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is currently similar to our relationship with pre-1979 Iran. On the surface, we have a good working relationship with the top oil producing nation in the Middle East. However, to think this will continue forever is very dangerous. What happened in Iran could very well happen in Saudi Arabia. Look at what has happened to most of the Middle East leaders we considered to be our allies. They’re gone. They were tyrants who mistreated their people, to put it mildly. Yet, we looked the other way since we had an “understanding.” The belief was that the benefits of their friendship outweighed the baggage they brought.

We thought Turkey would remain a strong ally and NATO partner. She has recently chosen to partner with Iran. We thought Egypt would remain our ally. With Mubarak gone, all the power players are maneuvering for position as a new government takes shape. Chances are very good that the Muslim Brotherhood will emerge as the victor. Yet, the Obama administration has recently agreed on an arms deal (worth over one billion dollars) with the new government. Jordan and the Gulf emirates are less reliable that they used to be, and who knows what’s going to happen in Libya, once the home of the Wheeler Air Base?

With the upheavals in the Middle East comes an unmasking of the real nature of Islam. What the media portray as democratic freedom fighters are, in fact, Muslims who hate the United States and everything we stand for. They will be happy to receive our support as long as we blindly come to their aid in deposing those nasty rulers. Once they have gained power, however, you can be sure they will use all our aid and weapons against us and Israel.

As long as we continue giving aid and weapons to Muslim nations, we are inviting our own destruction. History shows how well this “ally” thing has really worked, but our leaders are either slow learners, too committed to political correctness to recognize the truth, or they know full well what they are doing. I think the first describes most of “Washington.” I think the second applies to the Obama administration.

We have only one dependable ally in the Middle East-Israel. This is where our aid and our weapons should be going.


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