Washington Holds Key to Future of New Palestinian Unity Government
With Hamas and the Palestinian Authority having made up (again) and rejoined forces in the newest “Unity Government,” the U.S. has no plans to stop sending $500 million a year to the PA. Like it or not, your tax dollars will be spent to equip and train Israel’s enemies as they prepare to destroy her. This is outrageous! Hamas is officially listed by the U.S. as a terrorist organization. Now we will be funding the Palestinian government which will be under the control of Hamas, which praised Osama bin Laden as a hero and “holy warrior,” has been attacking Israeli citizens from Gaza for the past four years, and is committed to the destruction of Israel. They’re so reviled, even the Palestinian Fatah party kept them at arm’s length-for four years. Now, that’s all changed. Now, they’re partners.

So, what are we to make of this partnership? It seems like Hamas’s inclusion would make it harder for Washington to continue supporting a Palestinian state. Apparently Fatah disagrees with this or thinks Washington’s support isn’t as crucial as it used to be. Abbas must feel like he doesn’t have much to lose. Perhaps Obama’s failure to produce any of the disputed territories for the Palestinian cause has left Fatah feeling as disillusioned as Americans should be feeling. He hasn’t been able to bring the promised results in Libya, Iraq, or Egypt.


Mahmoud Abbas

Whatever Abbas’s reasons may have been, some clear facts remain that don’t bode well for the new partnership. First, their common hatred of Israel is the extent of their agreement. I know of nothing else on which they see eye to eye. Secondly, Israel has been defending the West Bank from Hamas attacks for the past four years. Israel now has no reason to come to Fatah’s aid. Finally, even it the U.N. unilaterally recognizes a Palestinian state, it will begin its existence in a huge financial hole. Without aid form the U.S., its survival is questionable. Fortunately 29 senators have already asked Obama to cut off aid to the Palestinians.

This one simple decision would have a monumental benefit for Israel as well as our own interests in the Middle East. If not dooming, it would seriously cripple the Palestinian cause, at least partially restoring our honor with Israel as well as our standing before Almighty God. It would also signal a departure from the recent wishy washy diplomacy that has devalued our word even more than our currency. When we say we don’t fund terrorism, let’s mean it. When we say we’re Israel’s friend, let’s show it. We must keep the pressure on President Obama. We must pray for him to do the right thing.

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much (James 5:16).


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