Iraq’s Future–Follow the Money
Now that Iraq has been “liberated,” what is life like for the average Iraqi citizen? The sad truth is that uncertainty prevails. The peace they were promised has never materialized. Parents constantly worry about their children, and with good reason. They dream of new beginnings when schools will not be targeted by terrorists and their children will be safe. Some parents don’t even allow their children to go to school because it’s too dangerous. Older girls are particularly vulnerable. Many have been abducted for ransom, raped, and even forced into human trafficking. Their families have little hope of ever seeing them again. Those identified as Christians are prime targets. In October of 2010 radical Muslims brutally massacred 58 people worshipping in a Catholic church in Baghdad. Conditions have been so bad that most of the remaining believers are fleeing the country. In 1991, more that a million people who identified themselves as Christians” lived and worshipped in Iraq. Fewer than 345,000 can be found today. This, of course, doesn’t make the evening news. After all, there are so many more news-worthy events taking place.
In the midst of the despair, there is still hope. I have written before about the ministry of SAT-7. Here’s what those brave folks are doing in war-torn Iraq to bring real hope into the homes of hope-starved Iraqis. They highlight their struggles on the air to let them know that others know what they are going through. They cry with the people as they listen to their stories. They pray with them and for them. They share that God loves them, Christ died for them and wants to give them inner peace, and has prepared a glorious future for them-one that will last for eternity. For children, they present a live weekly children’s sing-along program and a call-in program hosted by “Mr. Know,” who is ready to answer their questions. For older audiences, numerous programs offer a biblical perspective on life’s issues. Other programs remind them that they are not alone in their situations. An upcoming program will feature powerful testimonies of everyday people who have overcome their world.   

With so many “closed doors” in that region of the world, God’s people should be taking full advantage of every open door that exists. SAT-7 TV programming is not at risk from military or political censorship since it is broadcast from satellites into homes across the Middle East, North Africa, and even throughout Europe. Research has shown that one in three Iraqis watched SAT-7 last year. Imagine that-direct access to one third of the population of Iraq. Those who belong to God have a mandate to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and we have some amazing tools to make that happen. It’s time to get our priorities aligned with God’s. What an opportunity to make a difference and store up treasures in heaven don’t forget that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. It’s the biblical version of “follow the money.” Check out to see what you can do to help.


When Insults had Class
“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”-Oscar Wilde