This issue looks at a rare “treasure” uncovered near the Temple Mount, Israel’s Independence celebration, Obama’s latest aid package to the Palestinians, Iran’s latest computer virus, the fragile Israeli-Egyptian border, Obama’s upstaging of the SEALs and the attempt to make the SEALs and the entire military more Muslim friendly.

Temple Mount Excavation Uncovers a Rare “Treasure”

The Israel Project reports: A gift from God? That’s what workers excavating a Roman-era

Excavated Seal

drainage tunnel near the Temple Mount uncovered this week in the form of a small stone seal that’s at least 2,600 years old. The stone bears the Hebrew inscription of its owner, a man named Matanyahu, meaning “gift from God.” Read more.

Israel Celebrates its 64th Independence Day
David Zauber reports: Israeli’s celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaote (Independence Day) on Thursday with massive fireworks displays, family barbecues, parades and other traditional activities. At the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyenei Ha’uma) in the capital, the Israel Prize was bestowed on ten individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the country in various fields, including science, literature, the arts and journalism. Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar made the traditional presentations, which also included lifetime achievement awards for citizens who had made non-academic contributions to the state. Meanwhile, many in Israel’s Arab community joined with Palestinians in marking the day as the “Nakba” or “catastrophe” with a funeral like atmosphere in several Arab communities and angry speeches by Israeli-Arab leaders, including members of the Knesset.

News from the Jerusalem Prayer Team:
The liberal media buried the news last week as well as they could, but the announcement by President Obama that he was overruling Congress to send another $192 million in US tax dollars to the Palestinians should outrage every single American citizen. Our elected representatives rightly put a hold on aid to the Palestinians after they unilaterally tried to get United Nations recognition of them as a state last year. But their judgment is being ignored. The Administration’s claim is that this money is to support the “moderates” in the Palestinian Authority. Let’s look at that claim.

The head of the Palestinian Authority is Mahmoud Abbas. His term as president expired more than two years ago, but he refuses to allow another election because he knows that he would lose. This is the same man who provided the funding for the Black September terrorists who murdered the Israeli athletes and coaches at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Obama Administration wants to prop this man up and thinks he is a moderate? It would be a joke if the consequences were not so deadly serious.

Reports surfaced from Iran yesterday that the Oil Ministry and the Kharg Island refinery (Iran’s major export hub) had both suffered an attack from a computer virus like the Stuxnet virus that slowed Iran’s nuclear enrichment last year. No official confirmation of this attack has yet been given, but it appears that Iran was forced to disconnect both facilities from the Internet in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Another dangerous effect of the Egyptian revolution is playing out day after day along the Israeli-Egyptian border in the Sinai Desert. The peace treaty between the two nations and Egypt’s willingness to control their side of the border allowed Israel to focus more on the Palestinian threat. Now all that has changed. Since last year’s successful terrorist attack in August that left eight Israelis dead, the number of people caught crossing into Israel has doubled-and no one knows how many others escape detection.


Obama Steals Thunder from SEALs
Newsmax reports: Current and former US Navy SEALs have joined the attacks on President Barack Obama for attempting to take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and using them and Special Forces members as ‘ammunition’ for his campaign. Author and former SEAL Brandon Webb told Newsmax that Obama’s White House predecessor, George W. Bush, deserves much of the praise for taking out the world’s most wanted man. Read more.

Navy SEALS “Too White,” Seek More Arabs, Muslims – Why Anti-Semitism Was Added to “Act of Valor”
Debbie Schlussel reports: On the one-year anniversary of the Navy SEALs assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the Navy has announced a special effort to recruit Muslims into the SEALS, setting up shop in Dearbornistan. And has learned that this is the major reason that a Navy SEALs movie, “Act of Valor,” had a Jewish villain who planned a major terrorist attack on America and why an starkly anti-Semitic line was added to the script of the movie, which was meant as a SEALs recruitment tool. In fact, the Navy SEALs has begun a Dearborn Swim program for kids in an effort to recruit Muslim Arabs. Read more.

Military Reviewing Training Material to Remove Anti-Islamic Content
Chris Lawrence of CNN reports: The chairman of the Joint Chiefs has ordered the entire U.S. military to remove all anti-Islamic content from its training materials. Gen. Martin Dempsey sent a letter to the directors of military education institutions, combatant commanders and the heads of all branches of service instructing them to review all relevant training materials to make sure it does not have anti-Islamic content. The order was precipitated by an elective course called “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism,” offered at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. Read more.


Sign at a propane filling station:
Tank heaven for little grills