Messianics Still Outcasts PART 1
As my regular readers know, the focus of most of my articles is Israel and her people. As God’s chosen people through whom He would make Himself known to the world, Jews worldwide have a special place in God’s heart, as does the land of Israel, the only nation on earth ordained by God. I have written often about the need for America to be supportive of our long-time friend and ally. This, however, does not mean that I support everything associated with Israel. Indeed, Israel has a spiritual dark side. Most Jews are secular with no relationship with their creator. Many rabbis place their own opinions above the authority of the Word of God. How this must break God’s heart.

One particular sin stands out to me and certainly must cause God intense pain. I am referring to the treatment most messianic believers receive on a regular basis. Just as God’s heart must leap when a Jewish person receives Yeshua as Messiah, how it must break when his fellow Jews treat him as a “no longer Jewish” outcast. In a previous article, I highlighted several stories that reflect just how difficult life is for these believers in Yeshua (Jesus). This article presents a video that makes their struggles come alive. I would guess that many of my readers haven’t thought much about the plight of Jews who have opened their hearts to their Savior-Messiah. They are aware of what happens to Muslims who leave the faith, but Jews, not so much. Actually, Jews who have received Yeshua as their Messiah are not leaving the faith at all. They are simply living out what the Old Testament said about the coming Messiah, the New Covenant, and the new heart God would create in His people. Watch the video.

In the second chapter of Ephesians, Paul lays out God’s desire for unity between Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua. This is what my book series BECOMING ONE is all about. For a limited time, I am offering the companion book (which can stand alone in the series) for a reduced price of $6.95. It will answer a lot of questions and be a great way to introduce yourself to a subject that is close to God’s heart but may have been less than a blip on your radar.


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