Legal Jihad and America’s Termite Problem

Some of radical Islam’s favorite tactics lately have come under the umbrella of what has been called “legal jihad.” This heading covers all sorts of ways in which America’s legal system can be exploited. One tactic under this heading is to use lawsuits or the threat of litigation to intimidate critics of radical Islam. A specific form of intimidation that seems to have risen to the top of the “Preferred Tactics” list is to warn and threaten hotels and other venues that expose the threat of radical Islam. The objective, of course, is to shut down the event. CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) is notorious for this.

The good news is that legal advocacy groups like the Thomas Moore Law Center are meeting these threats head-on. Earlier this year, a Detroit judge ordered the city of Dearborn to pay over $100,000 in legal fees to the TMLC. TMLC defended a Christian pastor who had been arrested at an Arab festival in Dearborn.

In 2009 and 2010, TMLC successfully defended Joe Kaufman, an investigative reporter, against an intimidation lawsuit filed in Texas by several Muslim groups. TMLC recently filed a suit against CAIR-Michigan and others after an event promoting ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) was shut down.

While most of America is snoozing, groups like CAIR are working overtime to promote their agenda and silence all opposition. It’s like having a house infested with termites. Given sufficient time and lack of concern, an entire house can fall. America’s house now has an infestation under every room and around every door and window. The house is still standing, but a major collapse is not far off. If we would do something about the infestation, the house could be saved.

Unfortunately, the current resident of our white house considers the termites as pets. He enjoys watching them and occasionally throws them some delicacies to make sure they don’t get bored and leave. He’d throw them a party, but that’s unnecessary since he’s got one of his own that keeps them entertained and satiated on a regular basis.

When inspectors give a report as to the true nature of the problem, they are vilified as animal haters, ridiculed, and singled out for insect sensitivity training. In their place are sent representatives of the termites themselves who will give a much more accurate and loving report of the “remodeling” that is taking place.

Such is the state of America’s house. We can be thankful that groups like Act for America, and the Thomas Moore Law Center and fearless leaders like Peter King are trying to save the house before it’s too late. What will you do to help?


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