This issue looks at news from the Israel Project and the Jerusalem Prayer Team, the upcoming Caliphate Conference in Chicago, an interesting Islam to Jewish conversion, and Nashville’s unique Muslim problem.

News from the Israel Project
Never-before-seen photos from the 1967 War finally see the light of day. Not interested in history or glory, paratrooper Yossi Shemy put away the photos he took of his fellow soldiers on June 7, 1967, in a drawer at his kibbutz. Finally, his son and brother have convinced him to air them. Check out the dramatic shots.

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? Why, it’s a failed test of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile! The burst of light flashed flew through the skies last night in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, prompting countless calls to authorities across the region as befuddled viewers scanned the skies. Read all about it in Ynet’s report.

News from the Jerusalem Prayer Team
Next week at a summit in Beijing, China, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Every student of Bible prophecy knows from the words of Ezekiel that these nations are the end-time enemies of Israel. Along with China, Russia has provided much of the material and technology to allow Iran to continue their nuclear weapons program. These nations are no friends to the Jewish state, and this meeting is yet one more indication that time is growing short.

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister, my friend Moshe Ya’alon, pointed out this weekend that more than 20% of the highly enriched uranium that Iran has produced to date has been enriched during the past three months while the world has been negotiating with Iran to halt its work. Ya’alon said Iran is “laughing all the way to a bomb” stringing along the talks as a way to prevent military action while continuing their evil work. General Ya’alon noted that the problem is that Iran’s leaders do not believe America and the West are serious about doing whatever is necessary to stop them.

It was forty-five years ago today that Israel launched “Operation Focus” which was the first in winning what we now call the Six Day War. Though outnumbered by the Egyptian air force more than two to one, the Israeli air force launched a successful raid that bypassed the Egyptian troops and air defenses at the border and destroyed most of Egypt’s air force on the ground in a single raid. More than 300 Egyptian planes were destroyed against the loss of only 19 Israeli planes. Israeli soldiers followed up the successful air assault by striking across the desert to cut off the Egyptian supply lines. The massive Egyptian army was taken by surprise. They had focused their defenses on the roads, not expecting danger from the sands of the Sinai Peninsula. God worked a great miracle on that first day of the war that allowed the nation of Israel to survive an overwhelming number of enemies.


Caliphate Conference in Chicago
Act for America reports: Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international Islamic organization that openly calls for restoration of the caliphate — that is, the political union of Muslims worldwide in a single Sharia state ruled by the caliph. This means that the group is dedicated to subverting and destroying all governments not ruled by Islamic law, and as such it is banned in many countries. But not in the U.S., which has never shown any awareness on an official level of non-violent efforts to impose Sharia. They’re once again coming to the Chicago area to hold their Caliphate Conference: it will be held on June 17 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Given the Obama administration’s on-going purge of all references to radical Islam in counterterrorism training materials, the fact that Hizb ut-Tahrir is not banned in America isn’t surprising. After all, according to the administration, our only concern is al Qaeda. Watch this short video and see if you agree.

Alhamdillullah [praise allah]: Muhammad Ali’s Grandson, Jacob Wertheimer, Bar Mitzvahed – Sting Like a Maccabee
Debbie Schlussel reports:I love stories like this, and I’m sure the Muslim world will be out to get this murtadd [“apostate”]. Technically, Jacob Wertheimer is not a Jew and needs to go through a conversion to be one. But he identifies as Jewish, chose Judaism over Islam, and just had his Bar Mitzvah. His father is Jewish, and his mother, Khaliah Ali-Wertheimer, daughter of boxer Muhammad Ali, left Islam (she’s an “apostate,” too). Muslims love to rub it in the world’s face every time a prominent non-Muslim, especially a Jew or Christian, converts-er “reverts,” in their phony, fantasist terminology-to Islam. Now, it’s their turn. And turnabout is sweet, in addition to being fair play. Wow, that must sting like a Maccabee.

Nashville Police Face Increasing Crime Wave from Kurdish Muslim Gangs
Christian Response Alerts reports: Nashville, Tennessee has the largest population of Kurdish refugees in the U.S. An unintended consequence of the influx of Kurdish refugees has resulted in the formation of Kurdish gang warfare in the city. On June 5, the Nashville Police filed a civil lawsuit to get back control of an area in South Nashville from the clutches of the Kurdish Pride gang. The lawsuit will ban members of the gang from congregating in a nearly two-mile “safety zone.” The police department is hoping to seize back control of an area known as Little Kurdistan in order to protect local citizens. Read more.


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