This issue looks at Israel’s likely “pre-election” attack on Iran, more bluster from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Ahmadinejad in Iran, the DNC’s embracing of radical Islam, how bacon became an anti-Islamic hate crime, and Morsi’s power grab in Egypt.

Netanyahu Wants to Attack Iran ‘Before US Elections’
Newsmax reports: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to launch an attack to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and he wants to do so before the presidential election in November. He believes President Barack Obama would have no choice but to back the Israeli decision in the weeks before he has to face the nation at the polls, according to a report in the Times of Israel. “From the prime minister’s point of view, the time for action is getting closer,” the newspaper reported influential reporter Alon Ben-David as saying. Ben-David said Netanyahu would not wait for a meeting with Obama at next month’s meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York to decide on a strike on Iran. “In any case, I doubt Obama could say anything that would convince Netanyahu to delay a possible attack,” he said.

News from the Jerusalem Prayer Team
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah leads the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon. He told an interviewer this week that his terrorist group has a list of Israeli targets that they are prepared to hit with the thousands of rockets Iran has supplied to them. “We can transform the lives of millions of Zionists in occupied Palestine to a real hell,” he said.

In remarks to Palestinian supporters in Tehran on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad said that Israel’s existence is “an insult to humanity.” Continuing the escalation of his public condemnations of Israel, Ahmadinejad called for others to join him in opposing Israel. He said, “Confronting the existence of the fabricated Zionist regime is, in fact, protecting the rights and dignity of all human beings.”

Israel’s home defense minister has told the people of his nation to prepare for a “30-day war.” Families are being warned to stockpile supplies and prepare for extended stays in bomb shelters. When the war with Iran begins, tens of thousands of missiles will rain down on the Jewish people from Hezbollah and Hamas-missiles that Iran has provided for use against the nation of Israel.

News from the Israel Project
Following months of speculation, top Israeli officials are speaking out about the benefits of an attack on Iran’s nuclear program even if it only leads to a temporary setback. “One, two, three, four years are a long time in the Middle East,” Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren said in a speech Wednesday. “Look what’s happened in the last year,” said Oren, referring to the upheaval in the Arab world. “In the past, we have operated on the assumption that we can only gain a delay.” That was the assumption when Israel knocked out Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981, said Oren, adding, “To this day, Iraq does not have a nuclear weapon.” Read more.


Radical Islam Joins the DNC reports: Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam. 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political. Read more.

BACON Now “Anti-Islamic Hate Crime”
Debbie Schlussel reports: Next thing you know, I’ll be arrested for eating matzoh ball soup. But, first, you bacon-eaters are the hate crime artists in New York:

                                           NYPD Investigates the Threat of Bacon

An end of Ramadan celebration was tainted yesterday when guests discovered three packages of uncooked bacon in a Staten Island park in what police are saying is a possible bias incident. The revelers gathered in New Dorp Beach Park for the Eid-ul-Fitr when the pork product was discovered near the football field at 7:30 a.m., police said. “On a website associated with this celebration was some derogatory comments,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in a press conference today. “This has been determined to be a bias event,” Kelly said. The statements were made by a person who identified himself as “007 Midland.” “We are attempting to locate the individual who made the comments on the web site,” Kelly said. Read more.

Egyptian President Fires Senior Military Leaders
David Zauber reports: In a dramatic development, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy moved to consolidate his power on Sunday by firing defense minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, chief of staff Gen. Sami Enan and several other senior officers, calling it the conclusion of the country’s “revolution.” Along with the dismissals of the leaders of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Morsy’s spokesman added that a constitutional declaration by the SCAF forbidding the president from making military appointments was canceled. Observers have called the announcements a naked power grab by the Muslim Brotherhood which Morsy represents. “This clash between the new president and the military council was expected – but not this fast,” analyst Gamal Soltan said.


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