This issue looks at the latest from Syria and Egypt, Iran’s latest Holocaust-mocking stunt, Israel’s four newest pilots, Iran’s Quds Force on American soil, more treason charges against Obama, the mystery American plane in Iran, Obama’s anti-Christian order, and a Marine’s response to gun control.


News from the Israel Project
At least nine people died when a car bomb exploded at a gas station in Damascus Thursday, just a day after dozens were killed in an airstrike on a gas station south of the city. Due to fuel shortages, gas stations have become easy targets in the three-way proxy war that has destroyed Syria, as motorists will often wait hours in line for fuel. On Wednesday, the UN Human Rights Council estimated that more than 60,000 people have been killed in the 22-month-long uprising against Iran-backed Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

A top adviser to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has declared that Israel will cease to exist in a decade, and is suggesting that Jews of Egyptian descent should evacuate the Jewish State and return to Egypt in order to make room for Palestinian refugees.The Muslim Brotherhood, to which the government and the president are linked, rushed to distance the movement from the statements made by Essam al-Aryan, who was quoted to that effect by the London-based newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat. Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Mahmoud Ghozlan emphasized that, in contrast to al-Aryan’s statements, Egyptian Jews were not welcome back to their ancestral homes in Egypt but were in fact “criminals who must be punished for what they did to Egypt and the Palestinians.”

Iran will hold a festival of cartoons minimizing and mocking the Holocaust, a repeat of a similar event held in the country in 2006.Tehran’s efforts to trivialize Nazi Germany’s near-annihilation of European Jewry, which extend into virulent and explicit Holocaust denial, have caused concern among foreign policy analysts that the regime might be ideologically fixated on promoting anti-Semitic violence. Analysts cite Iran’s direct links to the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires as evidence that Tehran is specifically committed to globally targeting Jews.


Four women pilots are among the members of the latest Israel Air force graduating class

Watch brief video of Israeli Air force.


Next 9/11: Iran’s Death Squad is Here
WorldNetDaily reports: Iran has infiltrated a team of Quds Force terrorist leaders into the United States to attack from within in 2013, according to a source. The source within the office of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic regime, said the team is to create instability in America through terrorism should the U.S. fail to accept the regime’s illicit nuclear program, increase sanctions, confront Iran militarily or intervene in the Syrian civil war. Read the sobering details.

Obama Commits Treason by Arming Egypt’s Anti-American Dictatorship reports: Why would a US president continue to push to give billions of dollars in aid and to supply arms to a nation whose regime has declared that America and its ally Israel are mortal enemies that should be destroyed? And why would that same president who wants to arm our enemies want to disarm American citizens? Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood, a known militant and radical Islamic group, to overthrow the government of Egypt. He supported the election of Morsi as Egypt’s new president, even when Morsi talked about establishing a new Muslim Caliphate with him as the ultimate head. Read more.

Mystery: Who Were the “Americans” on the Private Plane Aided By Iran?
Debbie Schlussel reports:Just before the new year, we learned that, in mid-December, a private “commercial” U.S. plane made an “emergency landing” in Iran, where the plane and its “American” passengers were helped out by Iran and then sent on their merry way to one of the Arab Gulf states. Who was on that plane and what were they doing? Read more.

Obama Admin: We Will Force Christians to Act against Their Faith
VisiontoAmerica reports: In a legal argument formally presented in federal court in the case of Hobby Lobby v. Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration is claiming that the First Amendment-which expressly denies the government the authority to prohibit the “free exercise” of religion-nonetheless allows it to force Christians to directly violate their religious beliefs even on a matter that involves the life and death of innocent human beings. Read more.

U.S. Marine’s Scathing Response to Sen. Feinstein’s Gun Control Proposal: ‘I Am Not Your Subject. I Am the Man Who Keeps You Free’
The Blaze reports: One U.S. Marine was more than a little displeased with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s draconian gun control proposal, which includes an assault weapons ban and provisions on handguns and even “grandfathered weapons.” The letter, written by U.S. Marine Joshua Boston, was titled “No ma’am” and was first posted on CNN iReport on Dec. 27. The letter has since gone viral and has been shared extensively on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as it seemingly has resonated with a segment of the American population. Read his letter.


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