This issue looks at an unexpected preaching duo, John Kerry plans to oust al-Assad, a frightening Iranian-N. Korean connection, a growing Iran-Hezbollah network in Syria, continuing Russian military aid to Syria, some disturbing revelations about the probable next CIA Director, how Obama is arming the enemy while cutting our own defenses, and the continuing quest to free Pastor Saeed.

Jews and Arabs Hit the Streets to Preach
Israel Today reports: Amid all the arguments over how and if Jewish and Arab believers must “reconcile” to one another, some Jewish and Arab believers are simply getting down to business and joining forces to preach Yeshua. Recently, Tel Aviv-based Messianic leader Jacob Damkani, as he is wont to do, took to the streets of his hometown to share his faith with fellow Israelis. But this time, he did so with some special partners – Arab Christians from Nazareth. As one Arab named Petros explained, his desire is to share the love of the Jewish Messiah with the Jewish people. Watch the video.

News from The Israel Project
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced plans to launch a new initiative to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. Kerry made his statements during a Wednesday appearance with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. The occasion will be read as a signal from Washington that U.S. diplomats appreciate the instability being introduced into Jordan by the Syrian conflict. Jordan is providing assistance to upwards of 300,000 Syrian refugees.

An American official has told The New York Timesthat last night’s powerful nuclear test in North Korea could be linked to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, and that “it’s very possible that the North Koreans are testing for two countries.” Tehran and Pyongyang have long cooperated on missile technology, with Iranian engineers even reportedly in attendance at a 2012 North Korean missile launch.

Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah “are building a network of militias inside Syria to preserve and protect their interests” should opposition forces successfully overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime. The regime is aligned with Tehran, and the Iranians have continued to supply Damascus with weapons and training over the course of the two-year war inside Syria.

Egypt has begun flooding the smuggling tunnels that run between the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The tunnels’ destruction is among the terms of an Egyptian-brokered agreement to end Israel’s eight-day Operation Pillar of Defense, which the Jewish state launched in November 2012 after weeks of escalatory rocket and missile fire conducted by Hamas-led forces and targeted at Israeli civilians.

The head of Russia’s state arms supplier declared Wednesday that Russia will continue to supply weapons to the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, even as new U.N. figures indicate that the death toll in the country’s two-year civil war is approaching 70,000.

Israel Develops the Next Generation Operating Room


Obama’s Pick For CIA Director Secretly Converted To Islam?
That’s the accusation being made by former-FBI agent John Guandolo who incidentally is the man who wrote the first Muslim Brotherhood training manual for the FBI. You’ve got to watch this video. If he’s right, things are much worse than we imagined.

Click here to read and watch an analysis of his claims. Make sure you watch the video of Mr. Brennan telling how wonderful Islam is.

The Obama Administration is Making a Historic Mistake
Jay Sekulow reports: In his State of the Union Address, President Obama said that “we cannot presume to dictate” the course of Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt. Today we received reports the Administration is actually accelerating its delivery of advanced weapons to this radical regime. We are arming our enemies even as our own military faces draconian budget cuts that will hamper our military readiness for years to come. It must not give powerful American weapons to a regime led by a man who called Jews the “descendants of apes and pigs.” Sign our Petition to Stop Funding Egypt and Defend Israel.

Obama Set To Unilaterally Cut Nuclear Arsenal By One-Third
Freedom Outpost reports: Barack Obama has indicated that he is willing to sign off on a new internal review of the United States’ nuclear weapons strategy and is set to reduce our nuclear arsenal by one-third, which he claims would save billions to both the Pentagon and the Energy Department. According to a report by the Center for Public Integrity, which was issued last Friday, the recommended reductions were included in a draft version of a classified decision compiled by top defense and national security officials in the White House. Read more.

Global Effort to Free Pastor Saeed
#SaveSaeed: “The idea is simple. The more people taking about Pastor Saeed and calling for his release means the more international media, governments, and world leaders are willing to put pressure on Iran for his release. It is the same idea that led to the release of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran through Tweet for Youcef.” -ACLJ
In addition to legal and diplomatic efforts by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to free to free American Pastor Saeed Abedini, the group is spearheading an international social media effort to raise awareness about his plight. Sign the petition.


Medical Terms in the South
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