The inroads Islam is making into our educational system is frightening.
In a recent post, I briefly discussed how Middle-East oil dollars were being used to fund an array of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations formed to attack America from within. Today, I’d like to show how much of one nation’s oil profits are being used to brainwash our children. That nation is Saudi Arabia and the target is America’s schools. Dozens of our universities get multi-million dollar grants yearly to fund their foreign studies programs. In exchange for all the money, the schools have given Islamic teachers freedom to promote their anti-American, Islam-promoting propaganda with no restrictions.

When our college students are indoctrinated with four years of this stuff, their minds are totally corrupted by the time they graduate. Those that move into jobs in the media bring their corrupted worldviews with them. This is a major reason why so many newspapers, magazines, public radio and TV networks are so unwilling to criticize any Islamic actions, regardless of how violent and inhumane they may be. It also explains why they love to label anyone who dares to confront a Muslim leader, group, or policy as dangerous and Islamophobic. This is what they were taught for four years.

It’s just as bad at the high school level. Saudi Arabia, our supposed ally in the Middle-East, is using the provisions of the federal Title VI program to rewrite America’s history books and introduce new courses to “educate” America’s students about foreign affairs. One example of the history re-write is the account of 9/11. Our history books now say that men with strong beliefs and dedicated to a cause were instrumental in causing the two planes to fly into the Twin Towers. The words “Islamic,” “Muslim,” and “terrorist’ are never mentioned. As far as the students know, the men could have been Mexicans demanding that hot sauce be required on every table in American restaurants. Regarding foreign affairs, the only foreign affair that gets taught is the sanitized version of Islam, and it is usually compared to the decadent United States.

It’s no coincidence that every Muslim group worldwide uses the same words to express their reason for being. It’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood strategy. They exist to “defend Islam from invasion, aggression, and oppression.” The truth is that this is exactly what they are really all about. They will invade a territory, either by force or through stealth. When the time is right, they will step up the aggression until all enemies are oppressed.

Invasion is justified in their minds in order to right a wrong of history. At its height, the Islamic Empire covered more territory than the Roman Empire. They want it all back, and while they’re at it they’ll take all the rest. The goal is worldwide domination of Islam, whether we’re willing to admit it or not. The American educational system is in their crosshairs.
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