Our Founding Fathers had more foresight than we give them credit for.
How did we ever get to the place where half of our nation’s population sees nothing wrongfrankwalkerlindh with same sex marriage? What was unthinkable when we were younger is now commonplace. Even people who have traditionally had their heads screwed on fairly straight have bought into the idea that we need to “get with the times.” Both the Constitution and our Founding Fathers are taking heat as being outdated and irrelevant to our modern society. All of the biblical “restrictions” that have kept our nation safe for over 200 years are now being jettisoned as we resurrect the motto of the 70s-if it feels good, do it.

In our quest not to offend anyone (except those who still hold to biblical values), we have lost our ability to see a difference between right and wrong. Pedophilia has now been labeled as a sexual orientation and must be protected. We go overboard to protect the so-called rights of perpetrators while finding the innocent victims guilty of the most bizarre “crimes.” We can no longer protect ourselves from armed intruders in our own homes. Our legal system has gone mad.

We have become a people resembling those in the Old Testament time of the Judges whenfall of Rome everybody did what was right in their own eyes. Accepting same sex marriage seems like a logical result of such a shift. When you are no longer bound by the God’s timeless protective restrictions, you become unconcerned over the consequences. In Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, we see a picture of America. Rome’s version of gay rights was a significant factor in its rapid decline and it looks like America is more concerned with doing what seems right than dealing with the consequences.

Our Founding Fathers had more foresight than we give them credit for. They saw a dayfounding fathers when people would suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18). They seemed to know that some day, the Bible-based law they lived by would be challenged by “progressive” thinkers. They recognized that people are prone to wander, especially from God, so they gave us a government that was based on God’s immutable laws, and not on the changing whims of society. For a better understanding of this, I recommend “Examining the Declaration of Independence” and “Democracy, Republic, or Oligarchy?” They will give you the background you need to understand why our founding documents must remain intact.

I find it significant that the Bible begins and ends with a marriage. It starts with the

Courtesy of Freechristianteaching.com

Courtesy of Freechristianteaching.com

marriage of Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve), and ends with the marriage of Christ and His bride (the Church). Marriage (between a man and a woman represents the intimacy God desires with His children. To pervert God’s perfect design perverts the whole purpose of biblical history-the formation of a bride for God’s Son. The physical intimacy of a man and a woman, with their sexual differences, is a picture of the intimacy God desires with us. Just as with magnets, opposites have a natural attraction. Polar equals repel one another. What two men or two women have to do is as far from God’s design as is humanly possible. Even the animal kingdom knows better and so did our Founding Fathers. May God have mercy on us.


In the 60’s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.