Some Jews know that Christians are their friends. Here’s an example.

In a recent article in the Jerusalem Post, Ben Levitas writes of his shock over what he had just discovered-that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world today. With information from the website of Open Doors, he listed the nations where this persecution is the worst: North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Maldives, Mali, Yemen, Eritrea, Syria, Sudan, and Nigeria.

For example, take Saudi Arabia, America’s supposed friend and ally. It has no provision forbound in chains religious freedom in its constitution, which requires all citizens to adhere to Islam. Conversion to another religion is punishable by death. In most Muslim nations, converting to Christianity results in imprisonment, torture, and deportation or becoming the victim of an “honor killing” or face death by a mob.

Over the past century, between 50% and 65% of the local Christian population in the Middle-East have left the region or have been killed. Since 1995, the number of Christians living in the West Bank (controlled by the Palestinian Authority) has fallen to around 500,000, less that 3% of the Palestinian population. In Bethlehem, the Christian population has decreased from 75% of all residents to only 33% (22,000) during the past two decades.

Mr. Levitas, a Jew, drew a remarkable conclusion as to why a Jew should care about the fatemessianic jew flag of Christians. “Having been victims for thousands of years,” he states, it is our obligation to care and reach out to victims of discrimination, religious intolerance, and extremism.” He saw a greater reason, however, which was that Jews need to stand up for Christians because they are strong supporters of Israel and they see their duty as one that assists Jews in their desire to return to their promised land.

I think we should consider why Christians are the most persecuted people on earth. I believe it is because Christianity is the greatest threat to Satan and his plans to establish his

How Muslims have recently treated Christians in Nigeria

How Muslims have recently treated Christians in Nigeria

kingdom in place of Christ’s. No other religion is a threat because all other religions are part of Satan’s plan to spiritually corrupt the world, blinding them to the truth. He places just enough truth in their “doctrine” to seem right to those who don’t know God’s word.
It’s a shame that so many Jews are equally blinded to the truth and have become easy targets for the evil one. In light of this sad fact, it’s thrilling to hear of one more Jew who is at least willing to acknowledge that Christians are truly friends of Israel. Christians should do everything we can to break down the barrier that has separated so many Jews and Christians for years. Spiritually, that wall has been torn down:

For He Himself [Jesus Christ] is our peace, who made both groups [Jews and Gentiles] intotemple dividing wall one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall [separating Jews from Gentiles]
(Ephesians 2:14)

If Christ has removed the barrier that has separated Jews from Gentiles, shouldn’t we investigate why He did that? Shouldn’t we try to discover the role He wants each of us to play? If this stirs your heart, I invite you to check out BECOMING ONE (A Guide for Uniting Jewish and Gentile Believers). It will change your outlook on this subject and give you a greater appreciation for what God is doing as He prepares a bride (the Church) for His Son.


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