This issue looks at the latest news on the military takeover in Egypt, the U.S. commitment to keep the military aid flowing to Egypt, Obama supporters’ disdain for the Bill of Rights, Obama’s “backdoor” plans for the Small Arms Treaty, and more.

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News from The Jerusalem Prayer Team
In one of his last public statements before being forced from office, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi declared thatMohammed Morsi 2 his followers would resist “with their blood,” and that has proved to be the case.  In Egypt there are essentially two groups: seekers of democracy and terrorists-no matter their affiliation-waiting patiently for favorable conditions to seize power. During the Arab Spring, both joined in an effort to rid the country of Mubarak and his government. Today they may, however, be divided by a stronger and more deadly line of demarcation: believers in democracy and perpetrators of Sharia law achieved through jihad. Unfortunately, many of the jihadists seem to be winning.

Two other small, yet fanatical, groups are waiting in the wings in an attempt to take advantage of the upheaval-the religious Salafis, who strongly support the establishment of an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law-and the newly formed Ansar al-Shariah, a group that is said to be gathering arms and training members for jihad. Its leaders have condemned the democratic movement and promised to fight for Sharia law.

Trapdoor Spider

Trapdoor Spider

If Morsi and his followers know anything, it is how to survive underground and patiently await the right moment to strike. Like the trapdoor spider with its hidden lair and powerful jaws, the Brotherhood can spin a web and then wait patiently for the victim-the Egyptian democracy movement-to again wander into its snare.

News from the Israel Project 
The U.S. State Department on Wednesday  outlined its position that the government of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi “wasn’t a democratic rule” and that the mass protests that prompted Morsi’s ouster by Egypt’s military – the largest such protests in the history of humanity – involved “22 million people… making clear that democracy is not just about simply winning the vote at the ballot box.” Washington’s acknowledgement comes as the U.S. recommitted to delivering  four F-16 fighter jets to Cairo – part of an order of 20 planes expected to be completed by



the end of the year as part of a $1.5 billion military aid package.   Meanwhile various Gulf nations moved to assist the interim government in stabilizing Egypt’s reeling economy, which new revelations indicate was  substantially worse than Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked government had been willing to publicly acknowledge.

CNN this morning posted to the top of its international online front page a report highlighting incidents in Alexandria during which Muslim Brotherhood supporters threw teenagers off rooftops, killing at least one of them. The outlet contextualized the video on its site with a caption suggesting that the atrocities risked shedding “an unflattering light on Egypt’s jihadists.” Also threatening to cast Egyptian jihadists in an unflattering light is a video released on Monday reportedly showing Islamist gunmen mixing with demonstrators demanding the release of Muslim Brotherhood-linked former President Mohammed Morsi and then firing at army troops.


Did Obama Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life Over Birth Certificate?
This Hollywood producer is renewing her allegation that Team Obama threatened the life of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughters over the birth certificate issue. Watch The Video.

Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Repeal the Bill of RightsBill of Rights reports: The sad thing is these people vote. Highlighting people’s complete ignorance on issues in ‘man on the street’ interviews never gets old. Guy brought you Mark Dice’s interview with California beachgoers for Independence Day, which was quite the gem, and now Dice is out with another one: Americans who want to repeal the Bill of Rights. Read more and watch video.  

Obama Commits to Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty While Congress at Summer Recess reports: The number one goal of the United Nations is to become the political entity that rules all nations or in other words, the one world government.  To accomplish that goal, they have to continue to exert their authority and power over individual countries and they have been quite successful at doing this in recent years. One of the key pieces of international law that needs to be in place before the UN can take over the world is to control all weapons, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic and automatic weapons and ammunition.  Over the past few years, the UN has been pushing one treaty that will help to accomplish that goal.  It is the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Read more.

Cold Case Posse Meeting With Washington VIPs On Obama ID Fraud reports: PP SIMMONS just broke the news that Mike Zullo, the lead investigator on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, is in Washington D.C. to meet with high-ranking VIPs on Capitol Hill. These latest meetings were asked for and arranged by the VIPS. Zullo will be answering all their questions and presenting the entire criminal case for their review. Some months back Zullo and Gallup attended CPAC 2013 and met with Congress people on Capitol Hill and at CPAC. Those meetings have opened several very important doors that are leading this case closer and closer to a full blown Congressional investigation. Read more.



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