Israeli Doctors are raising the bar for all of us.
The following story is an excerpt from a piece recently written by Lonnie Mings of CFI Jerusalem:

Much to the chagrin and confusion of Israel-bashers, Israeli doctors and medical facilitiesIsraeli Doctors have always had a policy of treating anyone who needs medical attention anywhere, any time. This includes enemy combatants in time of war. Since the Syrian war broke out, Israeli medical institutions have treated more than 20 Syrians sent across the border.

Recently two Syrian nationals wounded in battles across the Golan border were transferred for medical treatment to Ziv Medical Center in Safed.  According to the report, one of them is in serious condition after suffering bullet-wounds to the stomach and chest. The other is in moderate condition. One of them had a note written in Arabic pinned to his clothing describing his medical condition. According to the note, the man had spent two days in a Syrian hospital but still needed help. He is the first wounded Syrian to be treated in Israel after first receiving medical treatment in Syria and apparently exhausting the expertise of those doctors.

“Ziv Hospital director Dr. Oscar Embon commented that the patient was in very serious condition and was transported by the UN to the IDF for continued treatment in Israel. Dr. Amram Hadari, head of the Ziv trauma unit who was involved in treating the patient in Safed, said that the man underwent a ‘damage control operation’ in Syria” (Ynetnews, June 13).

“It was elementary,” the doctor said.  “I don’t know what means of treatment the SyrianIsraeli doctors 2 doctors had, but they saved his life. Here [in Israel] he underwent another operation to treat the wound in the liver, sew up the diaphragm and drain fluid from the chest area. After the surgery, he was sent to our general intensive care unit,” Hadari said.

In the case of the other transferred Syrian, the situation was quite different. That one, upon entering the hospital, was found to have a stun-grenade in his pocket. All medical personnel had to be evacuated while experts dealt with the grenade. He was then treated.

I find it interesting that the people through whom God chose to reveal Himself to the restHeart surgery of the world (the Jews) are living out one of the most difficult commands of Yeshua (Jesus)-loving your enemy. Despite their rejection of Him, Yeshua is displaying Himself through them in a most profound way. Many former enemies of Israel have undergone spiritual heart surgery after being treated in an Israeli hospital. When you are the recipient of unconditional love, especially when your life hangs in the balance, it’s hard to remain an enemy.

There’s a powerful lesson here for us. What Jesus presented in His “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7) weren’t suggestions for us to try and see how we like them. He was outlining the “rules of the kingdom.” He was describing the characteristics of a truly transformed life. He was describing the life He lived while He walked the earth-the same life He wants to live through us, if we will get out of the way.

Think of the impact these Israeli doctors are having. Without a word, they are disarming the enemy, one life at a time. What a vivid illustration for us to follow!
The question is Will we?


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