This issue looks at the latest threats from Iran, the hate campaign against Christians in Egypt, Hollywood’s latest whitewash, stories connecting gun control and Obamacare, and more.

Iranian General Blames Israel for Violent Conflicts in Muslim Nations
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: In a blistering critique of Israel last week, Iran’s Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi who commands the Basij paramilitary, blamed the Jewish state not only for “occupying” Palestine but for creating the turmoil that has rocked Syria, Egypt, and other nations in the Muslim world. “Plots hatched in the Muslim countries are masterminded and directed by Israel,” Naqdi said.

News from the Israel Projectrocket Iran
Iran has built a rocket launch site that experts say “is most likely used for testing ballistic missiles,” according to reports originating with an expose published by Jane’s Defense Weekly. The location of the base, which lies about 25 miles from the northern city of Shahrud, was cited as one indicator that the facility was designed for long-range missile tests. The Jane’s report comes weeks after the publication of a Pentagon report  assessing that Tehran may develop missiles capable of striking the United States by 2015.

A policy brief published this week  by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)

Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

describes the proposed cabinet of recently inaugurated Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as having an “unprecedented” number of Ministry of Intelligence and National Security (MOIS) veterans.

The Associated Press describes  a “stepped-up hate campaign” being waged by Egyptian Islamists against the country’s minority Christian population. Massive intimidation marches, death threats, and a string of attacks have all increased in recent weeks, amid Islamist conspiracy theories that blame Christians for the removal from power of former President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood-linked government.

In Hollywood, It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
Islamist Watch reports: This time, Hollywood collaborates with Islamists. Click here to read about what Hollywood did to whitewash Hitler’s Nazi regime in the 1930s and what it is doing these days to whitewash Islam.

Yemeni Officials say al-Qaeda Plot for Pipeline, City Takeover Stopped

Mukalla, Yemen

Mukalla, Yemen

 Breaking Christian News reports: “They may have disrupted an element, but concern remains about a larger operation out there.” -Rageh Badi
(Yemen)-According to news reports, government officials in Yemen claim to have stopped a plot by the terrorist organization al-Qaeda to storm the country’s oil pipelines and take over cities. However, there is concern over a larger plan which may still be in play. Yemeni government spokesman, Rageh Badi, told reporters that al-Qaeda had targeted the “southern cities of Mukalla and Bawzeer, and then was going to attack two oil ports using al-Qaeda members disguised as Yemeni military. Read more.

CNN Confirms Benghazi Gun-Running reports: CNN is reporting lawmakers are speculating on the possibility U.S. agencies operating in the Benghazi compound attacked Sept. 11, 2012, were secretly helping to transfer weapons from Libya, via Turkey, to the rebels in Syria. Read more.

“We Have Plenty Of Money If We Just Loot More People”

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison

Last reports: The words came from Democratic Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota:
“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.”
Read more.

Arkansas School Arming Teachers In Spite Of Warning From AG
Egyptian Anti-Obama Bellydancing Video Goes Viral
Conservativeamericaonline reports: A new video by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry, titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” attacking Barack Obama for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood has gone viral, and has over 375,000 views on YouTube. Watch video.

Will Obamacare Be Used To Punish Gun Owners? reports: What would Obamacare have to do with gun ownership? Look no farther than the “Docs v. Glocks” court case. “The issue before the court is whether a patient’s right to privacy and protection from doctors who ask inappropriate political questions about what firearms are in the family home trumps the health care providers’ rights to ask and to keep records of whatever they want. Read more.


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