What do Israel’s so-called friends mean when they say Israel must make peace?
If you have visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the past 46 years, you no doubt saw western wallno Jews praying there. I don’t mean the Western wall. That’s a different story. I mean on the Temple Mount. The reason is that while the Jewish government is technically in control of the entire Temple Mount area, they have forbidden Jews from praying on their most holy site. It’s an attempt to keep “peace” with the Muslim community.

Recently, the Israeli government has been considering lifting the ban and allowing Jewish people to access the Temple Mount to pray at Judaism’s most holy site. This, of course, has been met with outrage on the part of Palestinians, who have condemned even debating the topic as outrageous. A top Hamas official called the discussion “dangerous,” and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said, “An action like this cannot be ignored.”

Since Israel’s independence in 1948, the only times access has been granted to ALL the holy sites of Jerusalem has been the Israelis had complete control. When Jordan controlled Israel’s holy sites prior to 1967, these places were completely off-limits to Jewish people, and access to Christians was often restricted. The fact that even talking about allowing Jews on the Temple Mount has provoked such a reaction from the Palestinians shows how naïve it is to think they are actually desirous of living alongside and in peace with Israel.

Every time Israel has granted a concession, the result has been anything but conciliatory.Camel face It has actually made matters worse. Look what happened after Israel gave up Gaza. What the world has seen is the “Arab and the Camel” story lived out over and over again. The only thing Muslims respect is strength. Appeasement only opens the door to further disaster. Neither Israel not the United States seems to have learned this lesson. Besides, the Palestinians have made it clear that they have no intention of co-existing with Israel. Their objective is to remove Israel. Living in peaceful coexistence is not an option.

Yet, at a recent gathering in Israel, former President Bill Clinton urged Israel to make peace   with Palestinians in order to survive as a Jewish and democratic state. He added his voice to a chorus of prominent pro-Israel figures warning of the urgency of peacemaking for the country’s own survival.

What do you suppose he meant by “make peace”? What more could Israel do? Read theJew arab article linked above and you’ll realize that it “Make peace” nearly always means granting yet more concessions…like give up control of Jerusalem, stop building homes in “contested” areas, and give back the strategic Golan Heights to Syria. Such advice is not in Israel’s best interests.

In His time God will deal with those who are promoting Israel’s demise. Those of us who love Israel and the God of Israel must make our voices heard and do what we can to offset the dangerous course set by our “leaders.”


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