Are we fighting a fake war and losing the battle at home?
The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Exploratory Memorandum” uncovered during a 2004mb in gov raid in conjunction with the infamous Holy Land Foundation should have given us all the information we needed to counter the MB’s plans to take over our nation. We learned that the primary strategy was “jihad by Sabotage,” not open warfare or terrorism, at least not at the beginning. As it turns out, the plan is so successful that even though we knew in advance, we have been oblivious while it has been played our right under our nose. While the primary component of “jihad by Sabotage” is the strategic infiltration of key offices and positions in key organizations, the most basic heading should be labeled INFORMATION WARFARE. This shows where the real battle is being waged-in the minds of Americans and especially their leaders.

One of the reasons we’re losing this war is because our government is focusing onwar on terrorthe secondary front-terrorism. It is incapable of waging war in the primary arena (information) because it has been duped. It has been blinded by its love affair with political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism. It has become so anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian that it is spending more time trying to silence the Christians than dealing with the Islamic threat.

So, how are we doing on the secondary front – the mythical “war on terror”? I’d say not so well there either. How can we when we’re afraid to declare who the enemy really is? Terror is a tactic, not an enemy. How can you wage war against a tactic?


The information war here in America is being waged from within numerous Muslim Brotherhood front groups posing as peaceful Muslim organizations. They are carrying out a 5-step plan. They’re already at step five. They have succeeded in influencing our textbook publishers to rewrite history books so that Christianity is seen as having a negative influence on America while Islam is presented in a good light and is described as a peace-loving religion.

The MB has also succeeded in their outreach campaign, offering to meet with religious leaders in order to foster tolerance and understanding and to embrace the things they have in common. Having been unwilling to listen to those who have been sounding the alarm, they have taken the bait and have been successfully reeled in.

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