Iraq-The Perfect Storm and its possible consequences
While our president plays golf, we could be witnessing the beginnings of one of theObama golf most significant events in the history of Islam, and the consequences for the rest of the world are frightening. We are doing nothing to stop the takeover of city after city, which could very well result in an Islamic state the size of Indiana, or larger, in Iraq. You can be sure that the leaders of ISIS know very well that the American people are war-weary and have no stomach for another Middle-East war. They also know well that our president is spineless and will respond with nothing but empty rhetoric. If you think all this really doesn’t affect us here in America, think again.

map ISIS

First, and most obvious, is the fact that ISIS has stated that they’re coming to

Sultan (Caliph) Mehmet

Sultan (Caliph) Mehmet

America! Beyond that, consider that the one thing that holds the most promise of uniting the various Islamic factions is the reestablishment of the caliphate-the supreme leader of all the world’s Muslims. This is one of the reasons behind the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood and it is central in the aspirations of many others. A brand new Islamic state would, indeed, fire up the base. And what if the capital was established in a historically and religiously significant place as Baghdad or even better-the site of ancient Babylon (just south of Baghdad)? The biblical significance of Babylon offers a host of reasons why this site would be seen as “the prize.” (Jerusalem has also been “considered.”)

Let’s explore the natural consequences of this scenario. Should the caliphate beMosque PAID restored, one of the obligations of the man holding this office is to declare worldwide jihad against all the world’s non-Muslims. This would force all “moderate Muslims” to decide which side they are really on. All the Islamic terrorist training camps in the United States would begin implementing the attacks they have been planning. Likewise, the mosques in America would serve as centers for organizing further attacks.

What we’re seeing in Iraq could very well be the perfect storm-the rightperfect storm combinations of events that would ignite the Islamic world. Will all this happen? Hopefully not, but it’s possible; and it would be naïve to think that it never could. One could argue that the current infighting between the Sunnis and the Shiites would make this highly unlikely. How could they possibly unite considering the current open hostilities? Maybe they don’t have to. What if the newly appointed leader is successful in uniting only the Sunnis? Sunnis represent the vast majority of the world’s Muslims. Perhaps the Shiites, not to be upstaged, declare that the 12th Imam is here and they rally around him.

Of course, we can’t know how the events in Iraq will turn out, but if current “trends” continue, we can be sure that whatever happens, it will be disastrous for America. The last thing we should do is to make some sort of deal with Iran (like Senator Graham has suggested) since we are resisting a common enemy. The Iranian leaders will play our “negotiators” like a fiddle, and regardless of Iran’s promises, once in Iraq, she won’t leave.

Revelation 20:4 speaks of those who are beheaded because of the testimony ofbeheading Jesus. What religion still uses beheading as a common practice in dealing with its enemies? Of course it’s Islam. Most of the nations Christ slays when He returns are currently Islamic nations. Christ will ultimately destroy the followers of Islam, but until then, all the evidence suggests that Islam will play a prominent role in the end times.

In the meantime, we must be vigilant, educated, and prepared to defend our faith.ostrich sand Sometime in the near future, Americans will have to take their heads out of the sand and deal with reality. Our only hope is in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whatever happens will come as no surprise to Him, and He is preparing His followers for their appointed roles as things heat up. We must be ready!

Consider what is now happening to Christians in Iraq. According to Christian Aid Mission, the takeover in Iraq is bad news for them and for the two Mosul-based ministries that contacted Christian Aid Mission with grim reports of violence and a mass exodus out of their region. The following email was sent by a ministry that has planted churches and led many Muslims to Christ:

Please pray for us. We are scared. Last night they came in our church building and started breaking everything they saw. They took our pulpit down and removed the cross. Then they threw gasoline on it and burned everything. We were all hiding in the church basement but we had to go out because of the smoke. As we started running out they saw us and started shooting at us. Some did not make it, but those who did ran in all directions. Those who were captured were killed on the spot. Most of those who attended the meeting are Muslim background believers. Please pray for us. We don´t have a place to go to and we don´t know what to do.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how these events fit into end times

2nd Temple Model

2nd Temple Model

prophecies. I’ll provide my thoughts on this in future articles. Perhaps the best indication that the 7-year period known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is near will be when construction of the rebuilt Temple is imminent. On July 26 I will post a special edition regarding the status of these preparations.

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